What fighting game(s) are you most looking for to on consoles?

So, what’s your pick?

Some are closer to release than others (some dropping before the year’s end and others deep in 2012), but which ones are you definitely hyped for?

an more importantly
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
Persona 4 Ultimate Majonaka Arena
Chaos Code

and still dreaming with a Daemon Bride port

TTT2, no questions asked.

VF5FS and KoFXIII for sure. Skullgirls because I want to support AMERIKAN VERZHUN-made fighters and it looks solid, even if I suck at it like I tend to with similar-style games.

I’m also hoping for a Chaos Code port and more Bloody Roar 5-is-going-to-be-good info later.

Out of what’s on this poll?

Ultimate Salt vs. Morton’s 3: Fate of Two Explosions
King of Winning XIII

Id be lying if i said i was not just the least bit curious to see how Tekken x Street Fighter will turn out

i forgot about DOA5 and BR5

I’m looking forward to finally getting a PS3 so that I can play some of these next-gen fighters (and 3SO). If anything else, SFxT and UMvC3 have my interest. TxSF also has me curious as to how the SF chars will play in that environment, so it looks like it could be an interesting game.

Whoa, I actually didn’t know about DOA5 until it was just mentioned!
I always thought it was just speculated.

Tekken and Dead or Alive are fun enough games in their own right, but I’ve never been so impressed by a 3D fighter’s technicality as I have been with what I’ve seen of Virtua Fighter, hopes are high even though I’ve never played it.
Tekken is fun but not amazing because it feels too simple: you can blather on and on about hundreds of combo possibilities but generally one can stick to like half a dozen key combos which is all you really need in a round.
Dead or Alive to me has always been just “kick X number of times and knock opponent off the bridge/into the electric fence/into the cage wall”. Again, too simple. Not to take too much away from these games’ acclaim but I’m not a diehard fan of either, although I appreciate the franchises.

It’s unfortunate, it’s hard to find videos of VF5 on YouTube, it came out in a time where fighting games were sort of fading especially in the US, and that ended with Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4 (arguably the most mainstream 3D and 2D fighters) in the next few years. I am intensely hype for it though cause I really wanna run shit on people online with Lei Fei, already my favorite character.

I was never good, but I was always happy spotting a Marvel 2 machine in an arcade or somewhere, and I haven’t played 3 yet. Ultimate’s high on the holiday wishlist.

I’m looking forward to Tag 2 because I liked the first one, but it’s not the kind of game I could really delve too deep into but instead play casually, and probably the same with Tekken x Street Fighter but I would glue to that more since I want to see how the SF characters will play. If anything I’ll try both and make a decision next, as opposed to just instantly getting any of the other games I voted for.

And of course gotta keep AE up to date, waiting patiently for what’s happening to Gouken.

King of fighters XIII and Skullgirls for me.

Yeah cuz depth of a FG= number of combos you need in order to compete.:rolleyes:

Umm…There’s actually TONS of VF5 (Vanilla, R and FS) vids on YT.

Start here: http://virtuafighter.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/285775#Post285775

Hmm thanks. It’s just that many videos are foreign or hidden under obscure titles and such and are not tagged :confused:

Look harder and beyond the first page.

I know, I mean on YouTube XD

You didn’t specify anything. You said you wanted YT videos? You got them. Thread has tons and you can find more yourself. It’s not that hard.

Skullgirls leading in the votes. Not surprised seeing how I voted for it.

Still, can’t help but feel half the current fan base is gonna dropout of the game after release. With Capcom undoubtably taking everyone’s time and money with AE2012, UMVC3, and SFxT, and the rest of us stragglers planning to stay busy learning KOFXIII and/or VF5FS in our little dedicated groups, it’ll be that game players will unintentionally put off for later until they’ve got time and comp. to get serious with it.

I hope that’s not the case though.

Are half of SRK’s members a part of some marketing crew or something? Every other thread wants my opinions on shit I’m gonna buy. Well you now what, I’ll keep it to myself.


MBAACCPC :slight_smile:

Dead or Alive 5, Blazblue CS-Extend and Persona 4 Ultimate Majonaka Arena
But out of that list probably SFxT.