What can dudley do against turtlers?

I’m having trouble with some turtlers that just hold down back while they wait for me to go to them. Just played a cody turtler and a juri turtler yesterday. I can’t jump in on them cause they AA me easily. I can’t wait for them to come to me cause they can both shoot stuff. I try chipping away at them with l.MGB or ducking straight, but I’ll mess up once in a while or whatever and they get a few jabs and me and then combo. Like cody c.lp > bnb that I see all codys do > taunt. man that pissed me off… wtf can dudley do against turtlers?

This probably goes into the question thread thingy, but as Dudley, If my opponent is just turtling, do what Dudley does best: Rushdown. Stay in their face, with f.mk, lp, mp, lp mgb, and use ducks wisely. For example, start a block string, then do a duck and finish with c.lp, c.lp, mgb. Try that a second time at some point, and then do it a third. Except when you do it the third time, do a duck straight into throw, or go for a duck into the overhead. Dudley’s biggest problem is getting in, and if your opponent is just sitting there, and let’s you get in for free, take advantage and apply heavy pressure to them, all they have to do is guess wrong and mess up once, and you’ll eat 4/10 of their life like it was nothing. Instead of ducking, you can also do pretty much any of what I said above with f.mk.


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What do you mean by rushdown? I don’t use f.mk much at all (actually, I don’t use it) I usually just wait for a punish oppurtuniy and so s.hk>exMGB>w/e. the reach on f.mk is so small… How would you initiate contact with a turtler though? He just keeps spamming c.lp, so if I go in with l.MGB, he starts jabbing afterwards and I’m back to having to initiate contact again…

F.MK or Kidney Blow is his best poke by far up close. not only does it have +3 frame advantage on block but on hit it’s +5 aswell making it GODLIKE. it also allows dudley to move one step closer by inches if u are not right up close and just hitting them with the tip of the glove and u can set up for some pretty nasty stuff. like starting a block string with two jabs and then kidney blow now you have so much frame advantage that you have all day to mix up your opponent after the kidney blow you can train your opponent to attempt to tech after the kidney blow that when they are trained to tech ur throw you can mix it up with tick throws, short swing blow xx super, blockstring into MGB or repeat with jab into kidney blow and if you see them blocking low all day hit them with a jab, kidney blow and surprise them with an overheard. you can literally do alot of damage in a heartbeat and cause a dizzy just be spamming kidney blow block strings and mix it up the entire round and win. not to mention the +3 on block is gonna allow you to sit there and spam nothing but kidney blow, jab, kidney blow over and over and build meter while ur opponent tries to escape the fast blockstring while u continue to build alot of meter because of it. oh and another mixup involves using empty duck into throw or confusing them for more kidney blows or MGB block strings.

Exactly what I ran into earlier today. Projectiles all day followed by me trying to get past them while taking as little damage as possible usually leads to:

Jumping (including neutral jumping) which gets me AA’ed.
Focusing and dashing which gets me hit during the dash.
Ducking through which gets me hit on the end of the duck.
Block and Walk which gets me taking chip damage all day so that I’m already at a disadvantage by the time I get to them.

Once in their face, I tend to get shut down by light attacks like lp stuffing many of my pokes and especially MGU’s. I also seem to get thrown out of even fast pokes like my own lp’s if I’m close enough.

I know what I’d **like **to learn as I’ve had a Sagat pressure me like crazy to the point where I’ve felt all I **can **do is block. I need to learn blockstrings like that to keep the pressure on, then I can learn when to stop them and bait reversals and start mixing them up…at least I think.

face break em

k, I definitely need to read up more on f.mk and practice some block strings/executions with it…

As a turtle player myself, I would like to say that being threatened by merely overhead, low or throw is scary enough, but one all of them leads to combo’s with respectable damage (Overhead to S.Hk to win or cr.lk S.mk target combo to win), or scary set ups like one of Dudley’s throws, it really builds up preasure.

I have fought many good Dudley’s and once I see them just moving forward, I start forseeing the pain to come.

I understand that you from rushdown perspective may not feel this, but in the other end of the screen, fear (scared to lose :p) is there.

My point is, if you let down the rushdown preasure for a moment, any turtle players will seize it and puts you back on the other screen. Use the correct blockstrings to frame trap them and slowly but steadily build preasure/meter.

EX short swing blow FADC Ultra 2, while risky and cost precious meter, is really a tide changer.

Hope I helped.

another one i forgot to mention is that if you see them blocking high for fear that u will throw an overhead you can pretty much get away with a free knockdown with c. mk as they have to block low. basically you can just mix it up and when u see them blocking low all day after kidney blow blockstrigs you throw overhead and when they block high after kidney blow blockstrings you throw c.mk for knockdown. it’s not 100% safe but the risk is very little and i would say it’s about 80% safe as i usually tend to not get punished and most of the time they block it or get hit. also c. lk is a good bait move to keep them guessing as to weither they should block high or low afterwards because it must be blocked low so they have to guess weither the next move will be high or low and so u can do knockdown or overhead afterwords and it usually works out pretty well for me.

F+HK is your friend. When you land it, you can follow up with a cr. LP and then do big damage from there.

Here’s something else you can try: try doing a MGB. If they block it, that’s OK; immediately after you recover from the MGB, do the command for the Ultra (hopefully U2), and chances are you will land it. Most people won’t expect the Ultra, and try to hit you during MGB’s recovery.

that’s a terrible idea. don’t do this…ever. Random shenanigan ultras are a terrible way to play. You’ll never get good if you rely on random ultras to hit.

Quite a few things actually,

His forward dash is good to go past projectiles
His down up charge gets them if they are off guard
His overhead punch is close BUT he does take a step forward and is combo able for better damage
All his machine gun blows are 100% safe.

All you need is to tap punch into machine gun blow and that’s a lot of chip damage. Reminds me of classic Honda.
You could use the ex across the screen and yes, it will be safe on block and hey, they might get sick and tired so you might just hit them with one from time to time. Not to mention this character does have an uppercut but it doesn’t have the same amount of invincibility as his charge when going up but you could focus cancel back dash out of it.

From my experience (lolonline) you can get away with silly stuff like that. Other neat options are lp jet upper -> hp jet upper (doesn’t work on like, 5 characters or so), another jab to another MGB, throw, etc. Probably wouldn’t work too well in tournament I suppose, and the longer the game is out the more people will be aware of the MGB shenanigans.

if your dudley, you want your opponent to throw projectiles at you… unless if its dhalsim :confused:

That is completely not true. All his machine guns blows are 100% NOT SAFE.
LP MGB is -2 on block, so only Command grabs can really punish that, but seriously…don’t say shit like that unless you have ANY idea of what you’re talking about.

Get out of here.

lol SalPal is like the campus security guard.

Compared with other (non-projectile) characters, I’ve been pretty much dominating Sagat with Dudley this time around. Sagat throws fireballs because he wants you to feel like all you can do is jump in. TIGER! Doing what your opponent wants you to do will rarely, if ever, work out in your favor. Projectile characters generally do not want you to duck their fireballs, because they cannot punish you like they want to.

Use all three ducks so they don’t know the distance you’re travelling. If you’re getting hit by the fireballs, you’re either doing it too early or too late – they are going to throw out slower or faster ones (or EX ones) to trip you up. Blocking is okay, and you can mix up your ducks with blocks. If your ducking game is solid, they’ll have to do something else - always your goal.

Do not throw out MGB like someone said above - either you’re teleporting into a fireball, knee, DP, etc. or you’ll be blocked and THEN fireball, knee, uppercut, ultra, etc. Laying out a close range lp MGB is pretty safe (not against command throw characters) but shouldn’t be spammed in general.

MGB gets stuffed so easily by just about anything if the opponent knows it’s coming. If you’re doing block strings, you better mix up the punches or you’re going to get get hit with a normal move or worse when you try for it. What’s worse, none of them other than the jab version are actually “safe” on block, and even those aren’t safe against command grabs as was already stated. You must have been spending too much time screwing around in training mode, or just playing against people with slow reflexes (or those who are just scared another MGB is going to land after the one they just blocked).

XD someone has to do it.

You can’t get any better with people spreading horrible misinformation. What he said was just deplorable.