What are these moves called in real life?

I like how games like SF and Tekken have characters with unique styles and they’re pretty accurate to their real life versions, but some seem to be made up or I’ve never seen them before or I don’t know the name:

Fei long’s tenshin
chun li’s forward throw
Cammy’s hooligan grab
cammy’s counter ultra holds
Dudley’s hcb k

I know nothing about boxing so I’m not sure if dudley’s normals are just Capcom’s ideas for someone who doesn’t kick or if the punches actually have names.

well, in boxing your main punches are the jab, straight, cross, hook, and uppercut. fairly self explanatory. as for the “moves” in the game, im sure most of them have reference to real life martial arts moves to SOME degree, but its all pretty loose on reality. Not like you can just walk up and shoryuken some guy in real life lol id say, based on my own personal martial arts exprience, characters like Makoto and Fei Long have the most reality in their move set. Fei Longs moves are very similar to Bruce Lee’s actual martial art form.