Well I spilled Tea on my Arcade Stick

Alright so the other day I spilled a can of tea on my brand new HRAP SE, well I thought I saved it in time but the buttons are completely sticky but on a good note I think I saved the joystick. Today I took it apart and cleaned the inside out there was some tea in there and cleaned it up. Luckily none got on the board and the LB and RB buttons are safe.

Anyways I have to replace the other buttons, I took the A button out just to learn how it works and those QDs were a PAIN! but I think I got the the hang of it. I took the button apart and cleaned it out and it is better, not as sticky, but I would still rather replace it because I don’t wont to put damaged buttons back into the stick.

So which buttons should I put in it? Everyone seems to like Sanwa and those are cheaper on MODCHIPMAN.COM where I have a 5$ credit so that helps. Also only 4 buttons are broke but I think I should replace all 6 just for consistency, what do you guys think? Besides the fact that I am an idiot for spilling on it.

EDIT: Also the HRAP uses 30mm buttons right? And is there anything I can do to see if the stick has any damage? I couldn’t see anything on it and it feels good I am just being paranoid.

Well, as long as it’s dry now and you’ve cleared off any gunk, I don’t see a problem - what kills electronics is when it’s wet and there is a current running through them. If you’ve since unplugged the stick and cleaned out all the parts - make sure you leave some time for it to dry and everything should be fine.

Getting rid of the residue is important because residue can eat away at the PCB over time. Give those buttons a good rinsing - perhaps even take them apart and run them under hot water. Let them dry out completely for a day or two and then put them back in to your stick - they might still work.

I’ve cleaned old keyboards that way. I got an nice mac keyboard from work that was all gunked up - I took off each key and drowned the whole thing in water. After a day or two everything was fine. Electronics are ok to wash as long as they DRY OUT and don’t have really sensitive stuff like touchpads, screens, or hard drives inside.

Yeah I washed out the one button I took out and it seems alright now. I am just worried about some Gunk I can’t see in the joystick or something because I couldn’t replace the joystick. Man I am dumb for doing this!

Yah I think you should just replace all the buttons with sanwa or seimitsu buttons so that they all feel the same haha

Bump for trying to figure out a way to clean or test the joystick. I can’t take it our because it requires soldering which I lack the equipment to do. The more I mess with the joystick it feels somewhat sluggish I wish I knew a way to wash it a little bit or something. Also wanting to know for sure if the HRAP uses 30mm buttons.

And would like some more opinons on if I should get Sanwa or Semistu

Taking the joystick out does not require soldering. Popping the gate off will allow to access the internals.

Really?! That is great news thanks for the reply!

As said above, as long as they dry completely, you shouldn’t have issues with anything getting wet, so disassemble what you can and wash it thoroughly. It’ll be fine after that.
And no tea worth drinking ever comes out of a can.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

But Brisk Rasberry or Lemonade tea is great! and it comes in a can :wink:

Can someone tell me how to clean out the joystick? it feels sluggish and I took the joystick apart down to the mico switches and pretty much every part down there was sticky, I need to figure out a way to clean out the joystick where the movement happens without unsoldering anything. Replacing the joystick is not an option.

If I can’t figure out a way to clean this and make it unsticky then I will be selling it for parts for trashing it. Feels pretty shitty to know I ruined something nice as well as a Christmas gift.

Ok, first you will need to take the entire joystick apart. You can use this picture to help you know what you are looking at/for. In addition, you don’t need to desolder the microswitches to remove these as stated above.

Once you have the ENTIRE joystick out of the case, you need to clean everything with alcohol or something of the sort. Don’t forget to grease up the pivot area when you are done.

Another thing to keep in mind…you are obviously pretty stressed about this. This stress can cause you to be overly paranoid about the “stickiness” of the joystick and might make you think there is an issue when there really isn’t.

Just relax, take it all apart (all the way like the picture above), clean it down really well and then put it back together again.

Thanks for the help man, I am going to try and take out the joystick now, I didn’t realize that the micro switches were the only things soldered, I thought the stick’s base was soldered in somewhere so I am going to try this now.

yea, the base of the joystick is just held in by those 4 screws.

remember to take off the balltop before removing the stick. lol

I got it all taken apart, located the stickiness and now I have the pieces soaking in warm water, I am worried though because the piece that was really sticky was the blue base, the actual stick and the little rubber washers, hope those were ok to soak :slight_smile: haha

they should be fine. hell, they should be ok with a little soap too!

just dont forget to put some lube (no homo) back on the pivot area when you are putting it back together.

Hmm I don’t have any “lube” lol any house hold things I could use in there? I saw that lube on Lizardlick its like 30$ a tube!

i would just look around and see what you have available that will work. maybe some vasoline (not really though since its not silicone based)? lol

also…take a look in this thread:


Look up a meber named masturfader or masterfader
He is selling a small container of shin etsu lube for for $8

You should use a silicone based lube. Don’t use Vasoline, that’s petroleum based. It’ll eat away at the plastic in your joystick. You should be able to find some in the plumbing section at your local hardware store.