Wanting to Build a Wood or Acrylic Case

Hey all; long time lurker, first time poster.

I had a couple questions about wanting to build a custom fightstick case. I have no experience with woodworking, but i thought it would be a fun project to try, and I’m also considering the clear acrylic shells from Art’s Hobbies at tek-innovations. I have a couple questions about the guts, first, though.

  1. I currently use a hrap vx-sa with all the original parts. If (its a big “if”) i wanted to take the parts out and just mount them inside a different box, I could right? And does anyone know of a website of a thread on this forum with a DIY guide to doing so?

  2. Aside from the hrap, I have a hori ex2 that i don’t use anymore. Could I just use the pcb and wires and everything from the ex2 to mount inside the custom box and then get sanwa parts (buttons and joystick) and everything? I mean, I know the ex2 is pretty cheapo, but its not the pcb, right, just the quality of buttons and stick?

Any help would be appreciated. If the generally noobish tone to this post warrants its placement in the saikyo noob section, apologies.

You had a technical question, this is tech talk, this does in fact belong here. Now on to answering your questions.

  1. It could be done, but it wouldn’t be without a fair amount of effort, and I don’t know of a guide either.

  2. Yeah, it would be like doing a padhack, but with an arcade stick PCB. This guide will tell you how to mod the PCB:
    Hori EX 2 Picture Mod

That is how you remove the buttons, personally though I would just follow the traces and solder the Quick Disconnects’s straight up to the base of that ribbon cable.(every two are a pair for a single button, so it isn’t difficult to do) You’ll still have to solder 2 sets(4) quick disconnects to the main board as well. I don’t recommend it, but if you don’t have a crimper for quick disconnects, just use a pair of needlenose pliers.

If I were you, id look at getting a mayflash PCB to go with what ever case you make. The hori boards are hard work to trace, scrape and solder.

The parts are all good, and you can create your own quick disconnects and harness points for the stick. While it is tempting to just solder straight to the buttons, you might find that long term you get fed up with the ex2 buttons.

Other than that, you’re exactly correct, so keep up the good work.

Ps - Welcome!

thanks guys, I appreciate It.