Vs Brickhouses/Tanks (Honda, Bison, Balrog, Blanka, ~Guile, ~Zangief, ~Cammy)

Gouken has taught me how awesome empty jumps are, so against Gouken or any character in general, jump in like a cross-up and just grab or c.lk right as you land. Then they’ll eventually stop countering.

Also, a very important tip against Balrog/Boxer:

Be EXTREMELY weary when following a Kikouken. A friend taught me this the hard way. Both of us with little life, I was behind so I had to go on the offensive. I do a Kikouken, and follow it, hoping to get a s.mp > Hazanshu. I dash in, get headbutted and Ultra’d.
Another time I did the same thing, I ate an EX Dash Punch.

This applies to most characters with reversals or EX Armor moves, but Balrog’s headbutt has good range and is able to be combo’d into an Ultra if you eat it. Be VERY weary.

This might be obvious but I didnt see it in the Blanka section. If you low block the startup of his ultra you can EX SBK him as he comes down. If he’s in the corner you can follow up with ultra too.

^^^ I need to try that… still messing up the spacing to punish Blanka after he’s done with the Ultra. Anyone got a video I can peep for visual reference?


I’m with James on this one. Dictator is a bitch to deal with (at least for me).

^ I know right? I havent gotten one response. And Ive searched the match up thread and came up short. [media=youtube]RoQvdJvN1O4&fmt=22"[/media]

The obvious thing I can come up with just watching that vid is FA. FA beats Bison’s slide sweep, S.RH, and Scissors Kick from a distance. If the Bison player adjusts and stops throwing these things out so much, it gives you much more room to actually move around. If he doesn’t…FA his brains out. For Chun, vertical jumps can also be used sparingly, to discourage random sweeps and Scissors.

I’ll definitely try that next time. And just to set it straight, this isnt just a scrub’s cry for help. Min usually wrecks most of the top players in the area easily. Usually only Arturo fucks him up.

:smile: I didn’t think it was a scrub cry for help. A Bison who can put on the pressure can be hard to fight against, especially for AA-less Chun, and a lot of the time its easy to kind of forget about FA. Once he gets some offensive steam going, you can find yourself in a bad hole and few options to get out of it. I feel like you really have to control the pace of the match from the get-go.

I usually give up way too much ground to begin with, so I suppose that when Im up against a good player with a character that capitalizes on it Im just killing myself. Next time I get my hands on a xbox and the game Im sitting in training mode and seeing what I can use where

Bison’s jump is a lot like Chun’s in that he’s hard to anti-air with normals, but they’re relatively easy to avoid because of his floatiness. If you’re moving forward a lot and staying in optimal poking range, Bison is gonna have a hard time jumping in on you since you can easily cross under him and sweep his cross-up or bnb anything else.

Bison can do some damage with his pokes, but following kikokens should limit his ability to counter-poke you and make your mp and cr. mp and far hk much more intimidating. If you ever get a chance to knock him down, you can potentially keep him knocked down for a good while with cross-up/tic throw/sweep/bnb/kikoken > hsu > bnb mix-ups.

Playing like this, you should be able to focus if he doesn’t have charge, but his dash throw is something to watch out for. The only real problem for being so aggressive/bull dogging is constantly being in scissor kick range and getting put into safe scissor kick situations. But if you can block those well enough, and ex sbk anything too obvious, you should outlast him.

Moving forward AND backwards helps. Obviously moving forward can be effective for attempts to impede his ability to charge. Though there are situations when it’s best to move backwards (not too much so that you end up in the corner and get pressured by his blockstrings).

Usually I mix up st. strong into kikokens or just throw kikokens to stop jump-ins. I also grab any headstomp attemps (EX versions are much harder to stop). Gotta watch the hasan usage because if he’s charging, he’ll can easily nullify that attack… in most situations, cleanly.

Clx: Just try to avoid getting bulldogged like samma advises. He’s not impossible to stop, you just need to always be on top of your game and keep the pace under your terms.

I don’t think anyone has pointed this out yet.

Chun’s EX SBK will beat out Blanka’s Ultra as long as he is not coming down directly on Chun.

That is, the ONLY situation where Blanka’s Ultra will hit Chun in this case, is if Blanka has left the ground during his Ultra animation, and lands directly on Chun. In all other cases (as far as I’m aware), EX SBK will knock Blanka out of his Ultra.

Great to know to have handy since the chip damage on Blanka’s Ultra can be ridiculous, especially with Chun’s low health. If you have a feeling you won’t be able to afford blocking his Ultra, EX SBK has generally been a good option for me.

I usually counter Ultra against Blanka’s Ultra if I can (the ground rolling portion of it). It doesn’t work if you’re too close to the corner/you’re too close to him because your own invincibility frames will end up going too far past him for the initial kick to land and might hurt you (not always, sometimes you’ll just pass through). Otherwise the ultra beats his ultra clean. I usually jump back while charging to create enough space to do the counter ultra cleanly.

I got him during his ultra with the super too (I had intended to do the Ultra but the super came out instead). After testing it for a bit, I see that the initial kick from the super doesn’t reach as far as the Ultra so it’s not as reliable.

But if he’s going to land on you like that, why not just air throw him?

Makes sense.

I am not comfortable enough with the airthrow to pull it off – for whatever reason I always miss on it, but that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

So then really, if you’re in a situation where he’s going to come down on you, then airthrow. Else, EX SBK.

Anyone have good strats for Gief? I understand we’re suppose to keep them away with fb and s.hk but what do you do when they rush you down with backhand and proceed to pummel you to oblivion. I just can’t keep him off me.

Save meter for EX SBK.

If he’s spamming green hand, sit there and block one, then throw him the other direction. Any green hand is unsafe on block.

Neutral jump RH.

Kiko to bait lariats, walk up and cr.RH to punish him (don’t get predictable though).

I never thought about throw on Green Hand, thanks! =)

I was getting SPD’d each time i blocked Greenhand. I was countering with sweep.

Sweep is not a good move to throw out after you’ve blocked something, unless it’s something with a lot of recovery. Go for something quicker - and a throw is just about as quick as they come. Only problem with throws is that they can be teched, but if the Gief is trying for an SPD after a green hand he’ll get thrown for sure. :slight_smile: