"useless" normals. Which character has the most, which has the least? And do you have uses for them?

You are 100% incorrect with Bison C.HP. It is an AA and also a ground attack. It has a weird hit box that covers the front and above him. I use it as an AA all the time. Especially vs Shotos since S.HK vs their J.HK is useless. Yea the startup frames suck so you cant just use it at last second as a AA option. You have to do it early on predictable jump in. When used correctly, its a really good AA.

I agree with his Far S.HP. Its really useless. One of my suggestions over at Cap unity was to change the far S.HP to Close S.HP uppercut animation all the time.

I’d say we should consider a useful/useless ratio rather than a raw number, otherwise characters with many normals like Gen or Cody would obviously win.

On the most useful, I’d say Ryu. There is almost no normal that isn’t used somewhere in some situation, either in combos or as counter-pokes against certain characters.

On the useless side, maybe El Fuerte?

Cody’s knife normals are useless? They give him yet another great AA option and it increases his range and speed by a lot - you can get some fancy blockstrings (that do chip damage) once you have the knife.

They give him 1 good AA option and take away 4 anti air options (b.MP, close lp, cr.MP, far hp.) speed increase? not really. His cr.MP goes from 5F startup +1F on block and special cancelable to 7F startup -2F on block and not special cancelable (the range does increase a bunch though, but so does the size of his hurtbox.) his cr.HP is the same startup with much better recovery but it doesn’t reach as far horizontally and it can’t be special canceled. His cr.LP is 1F faster startup and is 0F on block +3F on hit compared to his cr.LP without knife being +2F on block +6F on hit and special cancelable. His s.LP becomes 1F slower, his s.MP is worse up close slightly better compared to his far s.MP without knife. His HP has worse frame data than his close HP and less active frames than his far HP without knife and can’t anti air.

He doesn’t have any block strings except for chained cr.LP/s.LP. I’m guess you don’t know what a block string is. None of his normals give as much frame advantage on block as the startup of any other normal. A block string has no gaps that is what makes it a block string. He doesn’t have a single knife attack that is +3F or more on block so he has no blockstrings except for chained cr.LP / s.LP which only nets him 15-20chip damage at most. About as much as Ryu gets for doing cr.MK - hadoken but much less effective or safe.

Adon has a ton of great normals and a fair number of good and/or situational normals, to boot. That said, he does have a couple that I can’t really see him ever wanting to use.

cl.HK is really weird. Not much range and when cl.HP is available, I hardly see the purpose

f+MP is Adon’s overhead, but the windup on the damn thing is just tragic. If you throw this thing out, you’d better hope and pray your opponent is away for a bathroom break, because otherwise you WILL be poked out of in the very best case.

Adon’s cl. HK juggles after Rising Jaguar FADC so there is a use for it. It’s for situations where you don’t feel secure about doing another RJ so you can just do it to do enough damage to take a round.

Easy answer Dhalsim most useful normals.

Gouken’s cr.MK isn’t very good.

The way cl.hp looks you would think it would work as a close aa/anti crossup aa but it doesn’t do what that. It whiffs all the time. I sort of with cl.hp and hk were just replaced with their far versions.

I knew about the juggle, but I never really considered it for that purpose. I guess that does work, but considering the only time I ever saw cl.HK was when I totally pooched an RJ FADC RJ/U2 anyway, I guess I never really made the connection. Fair enough, though.

Ibuki’s far standing HP is pretty useless.

Ibuki’s Command Jump is a pretty worthless special. Its slow, its hard to get anything substantial from it and high level Ibuki players such as Iyo, Sako and ClakeyD never use it.

Crouch tech and anti air. It covers a lot of what cr hp doesn’t as AA

It also sets you up for some flip shenanigans after AAing with it. It’s a good move.

DeeJay on the other hand has a good amount of unusable normals.