UD-CPS2: Fully Consolized Capcom Play System 2

I’ve seen it before. MKL does such clean work. BTW I like what you’re doing with the DC-DC converter, a single big barrel jack will be a lot nicer than the typical 5 pin DIN socket for those SC200 PSUs that people like to use.

I’m wondering if we’d eventually see a mass-produced USB->discrete inputs adapter out there, if they were decently low lag I would definitely rig some up to my Neo-Geo setup so my friends with TEs (or whatever current-console-sticks) can use their own sticks on my system. I do understand that it’s not so easy, Toodles mentioned over on Neo-Geo how every stick’s USB stream is different.

Dude, tell me about it. It’s kinda jokeworthy how large some of those supplies are. Of course it’s much more excusable for a ma & pa job than Microsoft’s 360 room heater.

At the end of my first post I mentioned doing these after my CPS2 project :slight_smile: There are multiple ways of distinguishing one device from another, even with in the same class. Just like windows does when it recognizes new hardware.

Did you end up at devastation with this. Just bumping to ask on the progress.

Sure, did, man! I was up till 5a Friday morning working on it, though :slight_smile: Had to finish some of the body work and rig up a DB-15 interface + sticks. I figured having an incomplete, but playable setup was better than nothing to show whatsoever and people seemed to really like it. BlindWithOneArm, JDM, Gumowned, Toodles, and Jamespoop were all there in full force and seemed as hype for the thing as I am :smiley:


Found some video footage, too!

USB boards didn’t come in last week, but should be in this week. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll have those running with my code cleaned up so I can get some input lag specs for y’all.

SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!! Undamned thank you for your hospitality out in AZ! Your set up at Devistation was bad ass and I wish you the best of luck with your project!

I had a lot of fun playing on this at Devastation. Toodles and I spent roughly an hour combined playing ST(J) on it and the PS1 Namco sticks were a blast from the past. Good shit.

I’ll likely buy one when you’re finished and pumping them out and let me know about that Spiderman/MvSF trade.

Undamned!! Thank you for explaining all this stuff to me… I didn’t get the time to play, but I spotted Toodles and FrankCastle on it frequently.

It was running smooth as butter according to my observations of Toodles doing work on some other players =)

I know it’s very preliminary, but do you have any ballpark on pricing? Your good work sounds too good to pass up once it’s ready!

“I am interested” would be an understatement.

sounds pretty cool.

It was my pleasure, guys! I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with y’all! :smiley: Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to hang out again!

Hmm, good question! I have a general idea of my parts cost, but it’s hard for me to know the actual labor costs, at the moment. Prototyping has been painstaking (mostly do to all the mechanical work), but once I get a smooth production process going, I’ll be sure and give some better ideas of a final cost on one of these units! :slight_smile:


What Fry said.

I created a thread for you at dontblowthis.com forums:


If this gets big it’ll be revolutionary.

Tons of fun playing on this, thanks a bunch undamned. Even your ‘rushed’ demonstration board was solid and super clean looking, and I know Sabre and few other folks where crazy interested in it when I was explaining it to them when you weren’t at the station.

It’s rather a double edged sword; what makes it awesome is the fact that there is very little there. It was just a CPS2 board, nothing special, didn’t catch the eye. It takes people in the know to realize that ‘just a CPS2 board’, playing on a TV with sticks and NOTHING ELSE is a seriously kickass situation. You’re gonna be making a ton of these, and selling them faster than you can put them together.

Like I’m sure I repeatedly said there, I’ll be buying at least one from you the very moment it’s available. Paypal money’s sitting and waiting with your name on it.

made my brain do this automatically

like everyone else in this thread, i’m really interested too.

Put some pics up - Yay!

Got USB boards in - Yay!

Mechanical dimensions off - Boo!

I can still build a few boards for electrical testing, but another rev. will be necessary for proper installation. Hopefully I’ll be able to load my code and test this week :slight_smile:

looks good

Put me down for “interested” as well…