(TYS 7/HOBO 22) SF4/Brawl/MvC2/Melee/BB/T6 Houston,TX 2-6-2010 Results

AirbrushKing Venue

13700 Beechnut St.
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Contact Information:
Email: AirbrushKing@abdk.net
Capacity/Hours: 400+ People 40+ Tables 300+ Chairs/Hrs:10am-2am

(Same/New Venue/Bigger Space–> http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/22599295)

Eventhubs.com**- Dont know who posted it on there website but whoever did. Thx:tup:. The streetfighter 4 scene was deep. This truly helped increase turnout. Scene alot of old faces and alot of news 1s also.
Corpus Players- Jewelman/Damage GS to Jewelman for taking the sf4 tournament. Damage, Thanks for making me some $$$ in marvel.:badboy:
Jumpy- Gs and will be rematching you with your real team in the future. Ill run it back…
Pali- Didnt show up to get that fray money. Now recently crowned the “King Sagat Of Texas”. Cant believe he didnt make it. I will setup a mm between pali and jewelman cause i know jewelman wants a piece of that action.
Gameneo- Thanks for bringing your setup. Was very much appreciated.:cool:
Suavion- I told you to enter the tournament Mr. “I dont know if I want to enter”. GS on gettin 2nd…
Knuckles- Has told me that he wants to set up some money matches at Cali Vs Texas. Calling out all CALI players in sf4. 3 on 3 or 1 on 1 is cool with him. I will tell him to reg an account on SRK to post on who all he wants to play/$$$.

(Mvc2 Money Match Results:slight_smile:

AirbrushKing Vs Jumpy 100$ [FT5] Jumpy 5-0

Good shit jumpy. Underestimated your skills. I got nervous cause this was my 1st high stakes mm. A little salty cause I had you technically 3 games and dropped the ball. I wont be mm for high stakes for a while. Time to get into training mode part-time. Airbrush is full-time. I will try to manage to the 2 of them. Lesson I learned from this mm for high stakes. Build a zone with your ipod/music. People constantly screaming and shouting/talking shit messes me up. I will not be doing this again without music!

AirbrushKing Vs Joey H [FT3] Joey H 3-1

Joey H/Msp Vs AirbrushKing/Guile/Iceman/Sent. Technically it would of been 3-2 if i wasnt so impatient. Shouldve ran the clock. Once storm dies. That team is FRAYYYY!

Joey H Vs Evan [FT10] 300$ Canceled. Has been rescheduled due to finance issues!
AirbrushKing Vs Richard 3 Sets [AirbrushKing wins all sets 2-0]
Ron-O Vs Richard Gambit Team/Charlie Team [Richard wins 2-0]
Fatty Vs Ron-O Msp/Charlie Team [Fatty wins 2-0]
AirbrushKing Vs Fatty’s Homeboy Guile/Iceman/Sent/Team Scrub [AirbrushKing wins 2-0]

There were like over 50+ money matches so I cant list them all. Alot of upsets…:wtf:

Tournament Results:) (Turnout was 100+) :rock:

(Street Fighter 4)


1st Jewelman (Honda)

2nd Suavion (Mike Tyson)

3rd Knuckles (Vega)



(Smash Bros. Brawl)


1st Gnes (Diddy)

2nd Lee Martin (Lucario)

3rd Razor (Snake)



(Marvel Vs Capcom 2)


1st Ronald

2nd Joey H

3rd Tin



(Smash Bros. Melee)


1st Jake 13

2nd Fletcher

3rd Sybawave



(Tekken 6) (Cancelled/No entrys)

(Blazblue) (Cancelled/No entrys)


(:Past Tournament Results Thread:)


Congratulations to the champions. See you all at the next tournament on Cali Vs Texas/Mar 6, 2010

What was the turnout for sf4?

15 Players. Sf4 money matches was crucial…

ohhh man we(Corpus) be body fools, i pretty sure that the whole crew will come march 6 to dominate

I went in at 6 pm yesterday to check who was there before heading off to casuals. Door was locked at the usual place. Where in the world was this held at now?

It was held upstairs. If you would of went to the middle of the building and ask at guest services, they would of told you were it was being held at. Cali Vs Texas will be held upstairs above the center court just so you would know next time!

pretty good turnout and i understand the game and people wanting/(only having) an xbox 360 to play sf4 on what sort of compensation is there though for bringing a setup? just for future reference, anyway i’m down for a 3v3 in sf4 come march 6th lets do it big nasteh

I got you on cali vs texas. Bring the same setup and Ill double up on the compensation. Wish you would have reminded me. So much was going on!

lets go

where are the videos of me being a police offer to Deangelo?? get it? police officer = 5-0?? haha jk

Ill run it back in may with you. Your real team Rouge/Cyclops team vs my guile/iceman/sent? Deal? 50$ again

how about at that cali vs tx thing? or is that in may?

I have to much money on sidebets already at cali vs texas. We will play in may. Whats your rouge team again?

my real team is rogue/cable/ cap… but what i beat you with at the galleria was rogue/cyke/cap.

lol he said 5-0 LOL!!! sf4 was so freeeeeeeeeee

Id run it back with guile/iceman/sent vs your rogue/cyke/cap on May 8? Deal?

it should be free for you again “I HOPE”:blush:

ft5 for 50$? same teams throughout again??

Yea same thing sounds fine with me. Guile/Iceman/Sent Vs Rogue/cyke/cap for 50$ ft5 on May 8. AirbrushKing vs Jumpy 2 [the runback]. Will create the thread and confirm it!

AirbrushKing Vs Joey H [FT3] Joey H 3-1

If we were doing first to three then why did we play the fourth game? I was up 3 - 0, hahaha.

Hey see if Evan wants to do that ft 10 for $150 on March 6 since we’re both going to be there anyways. Then we can run it back in May if he wants to.

Still won that 1 game though. hahah Ill talk to him about it but march 6, his main focus is cali players not texas. He doesnt have a problem running it on may 8 though. I know eric and his crew are all saving to mm the cali players so…