Twelve against Q

could you punish a blocked Dashing Charge Punch with SA1 maybe an instant SA2, I dunno if that could beat Q’s CDB or SA1

Nope. With the negligible exception of a fierce dash punch done too close, Q’s dash regular dash punches are totally safe on block (and the fierce dash punch done too close can only be punished by a reversal 2-frame super that covers a big distance in its first few frames). So, no. Q doesn’t have anything to worry about as far as that goes.

As for using meter vs saving the super, it depends on the matchup. Against Akuma, for example, you want a stored super because the knowledge that you might use it makes the Akuma player a lot more cautious. Against Makoto, though, whatever, burn that meter as much as you want; Q’s supers aren’t very useful against her and you probably won’t get much chance to use them, so go all crazy with the meter if you’d like. That said, his ex moves aren’t generally that useful. Ex low dash punch is only good for chip-kill canceling into super bs and ex slaps is only good in certain situations when it’s the only thing you can do to punish or as the rare chip kill or meaty. And ex regular dash punch isn’t too handy outside of combos started with other attacks. Essentially, the only time you’re gonna use meter as Q is if you a) don’t have super stored and you have a combo going; b) in a c&db combo; c) if you don’t have super and you need to punish something but don’t have time to c&db; and d) want to be retarded and/or risky. Even against Akuma, though, if I land a c&db (which is rare against him), I’ll do the ex dash punch, standing roundhouse follow-up. The standing roundhouse and subsequent taunt build enough meter so that if you had full super before, you almost have it again anyway.

Dang you guys started a new thread on Twelve without me. Might as well throw in my two cents:karate: . Twelve vs Q is very hard, on both ends. I play them both and have run thru the matchup. Its hard for Twelve because he can only land tiny pokes. Against Q’s monster def. this is a problem. Q can literally sit there and get all 3 taunts in at the begining of the round and all twelve can do is about 5% of his heath. No punshiment at all. Q on the other hand has a tough time catching Twelve because of the lack of a great antiair and lack of speed. When it boils down this is harder on Twelve than Q. Where Twelve already does virtually 0 damage, when Q gets his taunts in for free it cuts down on not only Twelve’s poke damge but what would be considered great damage from his super arts is reduced to nothing. When you look at the big picture for Twelve, every match is going to be an uphill struggle, Q is no exception. My advice for dealing with the big Q? Rush his ass down. Q is slow, take advantage of it. Play normal IAD, poke, throw, run, super arts. If you can try to stop him from getting his taunts in, try to predict when hes going to taunt do an immidate ex NDL or regular NDL. Try to stop it. For the most part you won’t even have to worry about Goo Man vs. Inspector Gadget, this match hardley ever comes up.

damnt cant punish it! Nice avatar David lol. But Pink Q is a pimp

Regular NDL isn’t going to do much. It’s going to tickle Q’s feet for minimal damage and he’ll recover quickly enough to do another taunt. Because the first NDL pushes him out of range of a follow-up NDL, the only thing you can do after that to stop the taunt is EX NDL. In other words: it’s best to do EX NDL in the first place. You can then air dash in to cover any tech-roll > taunt attempts (remember that air dash FP has stupid range).

yeah stopping a taunt isn’t easy. Most of the time for me, the Q player dashes back and starts to taunt, at the very beginning of a round.

Oh other thing - does Q have anything to punish air dash HPs from max range when they’re parried?

The only thing I can think of is Q parrying into dash punch and that’s pretty tricky to pull off consistently…

Parrying into dash punch isn’t that big of a deal, really, but no, Q doesn’t have any good ways to punish Twelve’s max range jumping fierce, even when parried. Just one of the many reasons I think Twelve is better off running away.