True 2v2 tournaments possibly viable?

Then I’m sure it would work fine, players would just need to learn to play well together and get ready to move and finish off a partners combo, it would add extra challenge to the game not found in a 1 v 1 versus. It’s something I’d love to see done well, it’s a lot of fun in the old 64 era Wrestling games having 2 v 2, even in tag team rather than all in the ring formats.

Kim 1234 has explained a while back about how much this year’s 2v2 format for AE in SBO sucks. On paper most people don’t see the difference between 5v5, 3v3 and 2v2, but once you have to form a 2v2 team it becomes a nightmare. Because 2v2 means if you don’t have a good player as your BFF you’re screwed. That’s why you end up with Latif having to carry his team in the West Coast SBO qualifier. For that reason I am not convinced 2v2 is something that will become popular in tourneys for any game, simply due to how limited it is as a team format.

Honestly, I would not want to play with a team mate. What if they cancel and tag me in when I’m not expecting it? What if they don’t cross up or frame trap the way I want them to when I tag THEM in? It just seems disappointing for the player and the viewer.

On the other hand, I think Scramble Mode would be a fun side-tournament! It would be great to see how people deal with a team of Dhalsim AND Sagat playing keep-away or fend of a Zangief that’s being covered by projectiles from the back row. You lose team-super and pandora and cross-rush (I think… am I wrong?) so it makes it a whole different game.

I think those issues make it more entertaining and add a new depth to the game, also to the above post, because you both fight in the same match and don’t purely get dragged up by how well your friends do, I don’t think you’ll have the same issue as with AE. You’ll have new issues, but if anything I can see them adding to the fun, it will make the game a bit more interesting, kind of like playing tennis doubles as opposed to singles.

That is the nature of team games. What if you pass the ball in basketball and your teammate goes for a dunk or layup instead of a three pointer like you wanted?

As long as your teammate pulls their weight and is roughly equal to you, who cares *how they help you to win. I think having mixed styles of play can really be an asset to any team, and I agree the power it adds to cross assault mode is undeniable. I also think it would be okay to mix up 2v1 1v1 2v2 in the same tournament, as advantages and disadvantages come with either. 2v2 has advantages, but you are splitting the pot if you win. You’re also splitting the entry fee perhaps? Worrying about your partner not being ready when you tag them in seems silly, because really they should be ready any time you land a hit. Not to mention I would figure you would train together…

At the end of the day, I personally would be pretty disappointed in the community if we never see 2v2 in a game built around it.

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Possible 2v2 tag team tournaments are the only reason why I am still somewhat intrested in this game.
I see USB ports shouldn’t be a problem.

The only question is, is this avaliable offline? (I haven’t tracked the game’s progress that much lately)

A true 2 on 2 tourney in this style could prove double the mind games.

4 player scramble mode is confirmed as offline and online. I can’t imagine that 2v2 would be online only.

Don’t see why Scramble mode can’t be competitive. Synergy will play a big role, and teammates will have to come up with a decent formation to win.

If I had to play with someone on my team, I’d rather it be in Scramble.

It’s isn’t, you can see versus mode has an option like…

Scramble ON

So you turn that off and than it’s tag based action, on and 4 at once.

Not to mention Capcom vs. GI magazine was doing both 2v2 tag and scramble mode all offline…

there’s 4 controllers to select/activate when you enter offline Versus mode… just like in FIFA

Watched a bunch of today’s machinima stream with gootecks, mike ross, maximillian, and evil elvis all playing 2v2 tag team. I gotta say, the strategy, the drama, the hype making situations, I think a 2v2 tournament would possibly be more enjoyable to watch from a spectator perspective than the standard 1v1. Also cross assault with 2 players is WAY better.

True dat.

Alluding to Smash (yeah, yeah, I know), singles and doubles are events in every Smash tournament. There’s even some players who only play doubles. It can work, and I would REALLY love to see it happen, including seeing that one team rise up that nobody can beat. The problem is that at fighting game tournaments, there are a ton of events already if you include the current gen fighting games that are out, as with Smash it was only Melee and Brawl.

Kinda like tennis.

I like the idea of being able to play with rather than against a new fighting game player and help them over that first rocky bump of actually figuring out what the hell is going on.

I think it’s reliant upon the PS3 and 360 being able to handle 8 USB devices (controllers + flash drives) at the same time. I’m a little too scared to find out. Anyone wanna test that?

They are doing 2v2 on PS3 right now on stream and it looks really hype.