Tournament Headset

I asked this in the Q&A thread, but I got no response. I’m looking for an Easy to Set-up headset for tournament play and I’ve been looking at the Tritton Kunai and the Turtle Beach PX22’s. I don’t wanna spend no more than $130-ish on the headset and if you guys have any other suggestions, I’m open to it as long as it is wired (don’t wanna run into my headset dying mid-tourney), easy and quick to set up (don’t wanna spend more than 2 minutes setting it up), and it’s no higher than $130. I’d also prefer it to be universal since the games I play tend to be on separate consoles (USF4 and UMVC3 on 360 while BBCP, GG, and P4A are usually on ps3). I will not be using this for CoD, Halo, Gears, Killzone, etc. and it will be used strictly for fighters and occasional casual video game play like a few hours on Mario, Zelda, Sonic, etc.