Top 10 list of things to do before you die mother f-er

Anyone here have a list of top 10 things you are going to do before you die?

  1. Get Married
  2. Buy a House
  3. Buy a Car
  4. Graduate Culinary School
  5. Own a culinary related business.
  6. Have a 3s cab.
  7. Go base jumping and skydiving.
  8. Win a high stakes money match.
  9. Go to Vegas when I’m 21 and play hella poker.
  10. Drop a fat fucking tre bomb down a seven.

damn, rhino’s is close to mine lol

In no particular order:

  1. Get married
  2. Buy a house
  3. Buy a car
  4. Have a son
  5. Finish college
  6. Go to NYC, somewhere tropical, and travel through Europe
  7. Do standup comedy at a club
  8. Own a MvC2 cab
  9. Open a sports bar
  10. Go to EVO

Why the cussing? Was it really necessary?

No order:

  1. Buy a house
  2. Get married
  3. Have a good job
  4. Have a kid
  5. Travel through out Asia
  6. Make my own smart phone app
  7. Place top 10 in EVO
  8. Play in the WSOP and get into the money
  9. Have an epic meal time
  10. See all my favorite artists in concert.

You people pick some of the most boring shit. I could give 2 fucks about buying a house or getting married before I died.

  1. Visit all 7 continents
  2. Times Central for New Years Eve
  3. China for Chinese new year
  4. Meet the President
  5. Do a tour of the U.S. eating at all of the food restaurants you see on the Food Network
  6. Deep sea scuba diving
  7. Do some really really nice for my parents like pay for a trip or buy them something.
  8. Climb a mountain
  9. Survive the zombie apocalypse
  10. Do more volunteer work

there. I am now responsible for 10% of your success in life.

Huh. That’s really interesting. I wonder if there’s a WP7 version of that website.

You could? Glad to see you want to do them :slight_smile:

That same site does make WP7 apps. You have to make an account, but then you can change to both android and WP7. I was actually kidding though, it only makes these internet feed apps. So you pick a group of websites and it will collect blog posts and the like from them and present it. That’s all the appmakr apps do right now.

What if 2 fucks isn’t a lot for him? What if even the 10th thing on his list he would give 70 fucks about?
The important question then is how many fucks would you have to give to be important enough to make your list.

Aw damn. All I went is one of those apps that tells you how close you are to things put into the app. I want to make a slushie machine app for my city :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s with people and getting married? You got a Top 10 list and MARRIAGE makes it? Really now. Then again I’m anti-relationship so I just can’t see the point.

I think I’ll go ahead and put the one answer many of you wouldn’t dare to write

have sex with an actual woman

How many fucks could a woodfuck fuck if a… oops wrong saying.

  1. Punch a dolphin in the face.
  2. Reach total enlightenment solely from eating pizza.
  3. Summon Cthulhu and then beat him in a game of Magic: The Gathering
  4. Play a guitar solo on the side of a volcano until it erupts.
  5. Nurse forest creatures back to full health until I have an army of them that’ll do my bidding.
  6. Ride on of those hoverboards from Back to the Future 2.
  7. Join a school for witches and wizards, find out I’m the chosen one who must defeat the dark lord, and then not do it because I’m too busy playing World of Warcraft.
  8. Find the only surviving unicorn, and then make steaks out of it.
  9. Go one full year without wearing a shirt.
  10. Ascend into the heavens as a god.

In that order.

  1. Write/Direct a cult classic film. In which I myself am never in the lime light for.
  2. Live on a deserted island for a week with my close friends/girlfriend. (big survivor fan :slight_smile: )
  3. Help ignite a new music scene. (possibly via #1)
  4. Have a kid (either y own flesh or adopted)
  5. Give someone I care about a ridiculously large gift (house/car)
  6. Make use of my currently pointless college degree ( the American dream is a college degree, too bad it doesn’t make a huge difference finding jobs currently :stuck_out_tongue: )
  7. Visit Costa Rica ( #2 could help knock this out)
  8. Figure out my ethnicity and delve into it’s culture ( think I’m white/costa rican, thus #7)
  9. Get a job I’m excited to dedicate to.
  10. No other big ones come to mind. So . . . Maybe help some of these others find girlfriends :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. Get 10 things worth doing before death.
  1. Get Married
  2. Have a son.
  3. Build a school in Africa.
  4. Film at least 30 top tier feature films.
  5. Place top 3 at EVO.
  6. Be considered at some point one of the top DJs worldwide.
  7. Have a private conversastion with the President of the US.
  8. Build my own grow-op.
  9. Go sky diving.
  10. Get a skill named after me in gymnastics.

I like how this guy thinks!!

  1. Graduate
  2. Finally fix up my guitar and learn how to play it
  3. Master more weapons/styles
  4. Travel overseas
  5. Witness an actual cure for AIDS, Herpes, and/or cancer. Those are the big 3 that I hear about constantly that I wish would be dealt with… permanently.

Um… that’s all I got. Anything else is not important enough to me that I’d regret not experiencing it before I died. I want to see safe, legit teleporters too that can transport Humans from point A to point B safely, but I highly doubt that’ll ever come to be, so I won’t sweat it.