Tilted Broken TV Invitational cvs2 results

Round robin cvs2

-1st - Albert “some fag” gadoken P-bison/cammy/sagat, P-bison/vega/sagat

-2nd - Dentron “i won all my matches by the skin of my dicky-dick-dick” Darrow: A-akuma/Rolento/bison old school BAS

-3rd - John " WepAzzle aka i can do c.shortx3, super with sagat but not ken": C-vega/blanka/sagatR2

-3rd- Allen “1 different team for each BIATCH” 13: A-honda/mai/vega, A-vega/mai/blanka, A-rolento/hibiki/blanka, K-ryo/cammy/sagat, K-rolento/cammy/sagat, A-Haoh/rolento/blanka

-5th- doug “doug funnie” diggity dig dig doug: - A-blanka/kyo/bison, K-cammy/kyo/yamazaki, K-yamazaki/cammy/sagat, K-ryu/cammy/sagat

-5th- sir matt “skeeter skeet skeet” phobos - A-ARE

-7th- James “I BELIEVE!!!” bean: K-rock/kyo/sagat, K-kyo/blanka/sagat, K-rock/sagat/blanka.

Congrats to Albert for winninng jumobo jack money. :badboy:
congrats to dentron for not recording ANY of his close matches.

the LEGEND will continue…

GGs everyone, honk honk! You guys are hella nice at CVS2. I’ve been playing too much T5.

P Bison!!!

Round Robin - dope format
Taco Bell near campus - crappy

Fun tournament…I hope I get to play you all in the future sometime, as I don’t see myself coming back to SoCal for a very long time (possibly forever), so thanks for making it out here, minna-san…

and BTW i think Dentron also used A-Akuma for one of his tourney teams

i would have raped all of you

uci in-n-out has some hawtasslutz.

thanks for comin out to irvine, i had hella fun. more 3s next time for sure and maybe some t5.
btw: i only used one team: a-akuma, rolento, bison r-2… hella reppin old skool bas

all < bison w/meter <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< albert’s urien.