Tiering Arcade Sticks

Yeah, that’s wierd. Could it not be some sort of registry problem? Like…They’re doing it so fast it’s skipping inputs? Only thing I can think of.

i think they may be missing the d/f part of the QCF. they don’t hit the micros at the same time or something.

tha mas sticks r pretty good i here. that’s as far as i know, myself being a japanese stick player.

well there’s the internal difference, all game based hori’s don’t use quick disconnects for easy modding unlike the hraps.

as far as sanwa parts, if i recall correctly only the hrap se comes fully equipped with sanwa parts.

quick question: what do u prefer, japanese console button layout ie hrap1 or the japanese arcade button layout ie hrap2? any preferences…does it really matter?

oh yeah, forgot to mention about the quick disconnects.

HRAP has quick disconnects and the Tekken HORI’s buttons are soldered directly to the PCB. quick disconnects = easier to mod/replace a inferior/broken button.

the HRAP SE (red/black) has all sanwa parts and the HRAP SA (white/blue) has all seimitsu parts.

either way, if you mod your T5 HORI or your HRAP with sanwa/seimitsu buttons and/or a sanwa/seimitsu stick, you basically got yourself a HRAP SA/SE.

didn’t really bother to get into the details because only a handful of those SA/SE’s are out there. BLAH

does the japanese button layout really matter? correct me if i’m wrong, but the only difference i can see is using the 6 buttons on the left, instead of the 6 buttons on the right. i don’t think there’s a HUGE difference in gameplay if the buttons are an inch closer to the stick.

ur right although i must mention that sometimes ppl r bothered by the fact that when playing on the hrap2 6button layout short isn’t directly under jab which can bothersome at times. stupid question i guess seeing as anybody would get used to either layout with time.

is there any hraps out there beside the sa that has seimitsu parts?