The Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ

According to

ok, they may be similar in performance but bezels are clearly different:

Indeed, the performance quote only refers to the microswitch which (to my knowledge) is the same.

maybe this can help to explain the throw/engage problem?

(measurements are approximative :P)

RushingMonkey: this is well:wgrin:
Paik4Life: you can replenish pictures your descriptions

The plungers in my Seimitsu screw-ins are a little taller than Sanwa snap-ins (not exactly sure), if that’s any help.

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About US parts vs Jap parts, is HAPP the only US-style manufacturer that has the same quality as sanwa/seimitsu? it’s because a friend of mine says that it’s all the same shit (the common manufacturer here is ‘EM’)

Generally the companies are Happ, Sanwa, Seimitsu, Suzo, and Fanta…depending on which part of the world you are in. There are knockoffs and clones of the above, but these are the big ones.

RushingMonkey: Sorry that I missed this question before. I don’t have first hand experience with the PS-14-K. I believe they have a similar convexness to the screw-ins. I know the PS-14-P have screw-in convexness. I believe only the PS-14-G and PS-14-D are the only ones that are flat-like. I honestly do not know the reason.

vkuwarbara: Happ is just the major company in the US. Their quality is very good. I just defined them here for comparison purposes. I did not write more on their products since this is a Sanwa/Seimitsu FAQ, and I personally much prefer Japanese parts. Although someone should think about putting up a Happ FAQ.

For everyone who’s helping. Thanks. The FAQ is far from complete. I just covered the main bases. I’ll provide links to pics where necessary in time (thanks kowal), but for now, I think it’s in good shape.

Again, any correction or suggestions will be edited in when I think they are useful and when I have the time. Big updates like pics for everything will come when I have another large chunk of time.


Here’s an interesting question. We’re aware that if you’re using a Sanwa joystick with Seimitsu buttons, you’ll need to buy a Seimitsu joystick balltop for your Sanwa joystick to match your Seimitsu buttons (the reverse is true for Seimitsu joystick and Sanwa buttons).

My question is which brand’s color closely matches that of Happ competition buttons? I want a stick with a Sanwa joystick and Happ competition buttons, and I was wondering if the Sanwa balltop would closely match the color of Happ buttons, or if I need to get a Seimitsu balltop.

thank you very much :wink: it seems that my pack is gonna arrive in few days, so hopefully I can confirm this soon.

How can you tell a knockoff from a genuine sanwa button?

sanwa buttons say sanwa on the underside. The microswitch too.

I noticed on both catalogs that the layouts between 1p and 2p are different…

the 1p look like HRAP1 while 2p like HRAP2…how come?

It’s because normally the 1P sides takes up more space because it’s right-handed playing style. That gives 2P less room so he’s kind of pushed over and the buttons are adjusted as such.

Think about it at a restaurant booth. If the wall is on the left side of the booth, the person sitting on the inside (who is right-handed) takes up more than half the table due to his right arm being positioned normally. The person to the right of him shift over more on the table and might even have his right elbow hanging over the edge of the table (which doesn’t affect his eating but effectively reduces his table space).


I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t 100% sure because I’ve never played on a japanese cab outside of Tekken 5 DR.

Makes logical sense though.

yes i thought so too but why then make 2 different layouts on stick…lol

in case someone’s stuck in playing on one side and then not be able to change???


I’m looking at the 2p astro city panel on the sanwa catalog atm and both sides look like the HRAP2 layout to me, just that the 2p side is angled about 20 degrees (but still the same layout) @_@

how would you choose between seimitsu 32 and the 01 model? Faq says they’re set up differently, so what’s the advantage in paying ~$1 extra for the 01 model?