The Return of CigarBoB?

He missed out last year, but will he make a mighty return this year with that pimp ass custom Cab of his? Post up! pix of cab? what games will be run? Details! Those sticks were hella sweet and hopefully some cps1-2 side tournys can be held there if hes down.
I want a cigarbob cab. how much? :sweat:

Thank you for the compliments.

I am planing a return this year with the cab i took last year and a new split cab im designing right now. If all goes well I should be there with two cabs.

As far as tournys go. I will run them but only after hours. It is too much of a prob to do it when evo is going. So for the most part durring evo it will be just casual. But I will be recording any money matches or when a good player is on the cab.

Thank you again.

YAY for the return of NEIL! Just a question - if one of your sticks go out the day of evo and we own it could we hit you up to take a look at it? I’m digging the stick you made for me but I’m just worried about it going out. Thanks bub


Any thing for you.

Sorry about the mess I made getting you the stick. Ill buy you some drinks at evo.

omg split cab wha where …

I just had an orgasm.

Im going to start building it as soon as I move next month.

It is going to be rather small and I will have two flat screen 20-25" tv’s for it. It will only be for arcade and maybe Xbox so I can use half the cab to play on live.

I will post up pics to show you the progress.

NKI Up for some more video editing for me?

im gonna cry
this is gonna be amazing