The Lounge: Does Leroy Smith Listen to Wu-tang?

one of the couple of good things I’ll always remember about driving out to El Paso in 2013:

Bomb-ass hobby store near Ft. Bliss that had racks and racks full of old Games Workshop stuff. If I also remember correctly, that was where I saw my first printed copy of Rogue Trader. That shit blew open my fucking mind.

Second thing: There was a record store near the hotel I stayed at on I-10. Being a big metal head at the time, I was blown away at their selection and what they had on deck. Also snagged an original vinyl pressing of the Blues Brothers movie soundtrack from that store, and that’s been in my collection ever since.





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My contribution to VGM Fridays:


In case you’re bored. Everyone from this thread has probably seen this thread or posted their old school experiences but this thread never gets old:


The next thing I’d deliver is a Molotov cocktail.


Well, those people who do the bait and switching are going to be remembered and they will have a hard time finding anyone delivering to them again. Same with Uber, Lyft and all of that!

Also from the same article. really???

recent experience with tip baiting. When dropping off an order recently, she said the customer told her it was “unethical” that she wasn’t able to find toilet paper and updated her tip to $0.


You say that, but as someone who doesn’t use those services, what systems are in place to really fuck up the rep of someone that does that? How many more people are they going to rip off? I know Uber rates passengers as well as drivers, but what does Instacart do?

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My “favorite” thing about modern women is their uncanny ability to blame all of their actions and poor life choices on men. They’ll FIND a way to dodge accountability :joy:


some goddamn GOLD I just found while in the mood to listen to some Wu Tang

Ear-delicious… this goes into my “Training Montage” workout theme music for sure.
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My brother does instacart full time and has gotten burned a few times by bait and switchers. He began screen saving these customers. So as to either not pick up orders from them or cancel batches from them. I suggested for him to send the screen shots to other instacart shoppers as a means of black listing those assholes. Red flags to watch out for.

.if the tip is unusually high for a small batch and or short delivery.
.If the tip is high but you are delivering to a low income area.

Also ima be back out doing instacart again with him. Because today I went into work and a 1 and a half into my shift. I get pulled to the office and given the ax. Feels bad man. But hell I could probably make just about the same with instacart with how busy it is now. So I should be good



This might help explain it.

A woman came into my store yesterday because she just HAD to return this book to Amazon during a fucking pandemic.


I’m Goin to hell


the quarantine is slowing amazon shipping delaying things for 3 extra days.

Time to talk about the real issues here instead of this bitch-made shit

Chicken wings are going to waste, the fuck are you all doing out there.
Do you part, for America, for GREAT JUSTICE.

Eat some mother fuckin Chicken Wings, (with some heat you girly men).


medical/essentials get first pick for prime

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Except if its FF7 R.

i didnt hear of anyone gettin that 1 day shipped.