The Future of Fighting game discussion and current events

Alright with all the hype of the new games and games that are coming out. There is so much discussion about all them and so much change of heart these days. I hear some people getting upset with so much. I’d like to hear personally from you all of you guys as the public.The public voice is much stronger than anything. I’m hearing so many people dropping Street Fighter 4 these days and playing the new KOF and all kinds of reason why they play certain games. Of course people will always play sf4 but a lot of people are just tired of come back factors in the new games. It really is upsetting sometimes when your beating someone down and all they do is hit you with one ultra and take you out situation… it’s like a WTF moment… haha. But anyways what is your take on it and how things should go or how would you like to see games go. Like what is the biggest games and what game are you focusing on more now these days and maybe did you drop one to go to another. Why? I wana hear it. So do other people. I’m sure.

Threads may have been created like this before, but I’m not going to go through page after page to see if one exist. Just wana say thanks for you opinion and your time. I just wana see how the future of certain games are going and what could, can, or maybe happen.

The future of fighting games? It’ll be the same as the past: people will play the new games regardless of quality or competitive merit. People will bitch about the new games being as good as the old games which have, at least, 10 years worth of tournament play to flesh them out.

It is the endless cycle of stupid since very few people actually care about competitive viability; it is just a word being thrown around to make most of them seem cool.

TL;DR: The Fighting Game Community has never sat down to play a competitive game, for most of its history it took a fun game and made competitions for it or a new one and decided to compete in it.

As they would say…Fight Me.

I got you. Thanks for posting your opinion. Nice to hear a opinion instead of a gripe or comment about anything to complain about something. People always have something to complain about. If they have a bad match up or anything about there character can’t dominate every character in the cast that is given to us. Then the game sucks… we need a re balance and have to buy several copies of games. SCREW that… It’s cool that they can update and fix things. I’m glad of that. I think with the recent update to ssf4 ae 2012 will be the final balance forever and ever. No matter how the game is and who can dominate the cast. People just cant play the game and enjoy it. They have to worry about every single detail, but if it’s like a retard balance and it’s like everything a character has is god like then yes by all means make it more sensible and fix it. I mean it makes it fun when you have a challenge. Sometimes your just going to have bad match ups that dont fall in your favor… People just need to suck it up and deal. it’s life… haha

My thoughts on the matter.


If everyone played rock paper scissors, would it be more legitimate than any fighting game? Your popularity=legitimacy thing is just a desperate, illogical grab at getting attention for your article. Popularity does not create quality, period.
(the point about “BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY INSTEAD OF WAITING, DAMMIT” etc is still good but lollll)

If you take it from a totally abstract point of view, and considered a hypothetical situation where RPS had a million players, high profile tournaments, corporate sponsorship and cash prizes in the tens of thousands of more then heck yeah, it would be legit.

P.S. Not once did I equate legitimacy with quality. Also, you’ll find that more often than not, legitimacy does involve popular acceptance.

My thoughts on the matter: :arazz: (I’ll read it later and let you know).

Edit: Those damn pictures. Are they forcing you to do that? Either way I think you hit a lot of proper points just not as well developed as you could have. If you took out the pictures, added more examples of communites rallying up behind a game or dropping it like hot shit (there are examples of both; if need be pm me), rewrote that, you go from having some decent to something exceptional.

Requirement for at least 1 600px wide image. The rest is to avoid making it look like a wall of text.

They let UltraDavid put a journal article’s worth of text in there without much concern for content editing or anything else, why can’t they throw you guys a bone? The fact that you had to link me to that without me having seen it first is rather silly. Article did read like you wanted to throw some people under the bridge but couldn’t; or it could be that I wanted to throw some people under the bridge concerning that topic and was somehow wishing that you would (this of course is silly of me since you are an upstanding non-confrontational person not being sarcastic with this).

The only good thing nowdays is kof13. Everything else is going in the direction of dumbing down gameplay so it will be accessible to more people hence more cash flow for the companies. Some of them aren’t even trying and their games can’t even hold a candle to most older fighters. They just want to make the most money in the least amount of time possible, i’m not saying that older games weren’t like that but you could see the passion put into them, every sequel was completely different from the original improving it in every way possible heck some of them looked like you were playing a game on a different engine.

I think the biggest mistake companies are making is underestimating the brain of the average gamer. The casual gamer won’t throw away a good game just because its hard. Its that or their brains lack what is needed to advance the fighting game genre further and instead of going forward they are going backwards.

Actually, I’m pretty sure the only criteria a “competitive” game has to meet is that it has competition. Depth, quality, and competitiveness are completely different things. Whether we like it or not, SF4 and MvC3 are the most competitive games at the moment. Whether they’re the deepest or of the best quality is a 50-page debate that has been done to death.

I really envy the Japanese scene. Vampire savior came out in 96 and till this day, there a big ass tournaments for that game. No one is worried about a sponsorship, No one is worried about accolades, they don’t even play for money, the only drive is to play GOOD fighting games @ the highest level possible. In fact when vampire savior 2 came out, Japanese players said fuck that its scrubby as hell now, and went back to the old one. They don’t jump over whats the hottest latest game available to play.

and games like sfxt and umvc3 HH are basically scrub attempts to turn fighting games into a magic\pokemon style card games. You will have your character but you will need to buy cards\gems, eventually, in order to beef them up to a ridiculous degree. What originally took skill to perform @ high levels now you just simply buy. ** If sfxt gets an EVO spot, it will be the worst thing to happen to fighting games. Its basically saying ok capcom, you can do this to us and we will still buy it!!! then it will be implemented into every other game just like comeback mechanics are now a staple of capcom fighters.**

in mvc2, I basically invented the strider\doom infinite trap process with s.fp+dog xN. It was basically a gem\card, that gave me the ability to always have meter with strider\doom. However the difference is that I trained for 2 years developing and mastering that trick where as now, they’re gems\cards. Fuck the countless hours of training, fuck thinking outside the box and using your brain, just make cards\gems to replace those and make it more scrub friendly!! Capcom has been charging for DLC characters and people don’t think they will charge for DLC gems\cards?

maybe one day people will realize that the best fighters to play aren’t ones that are scrub friendly where you can do death combos with your feet lol. As long as America is on the whats new is hot train, we will continually receive shit garbage dumbed down fighting games.

rock paper scissors cannot be competitive because it is not designed to be

i do not understand what is so difficult about that, let alone how obvious it is that depth is important for a game to be competitive(because otherwise it gets fucking boring and people stop playing it)
I am not saying that any fighters we play right now lack competitive design/depth significantly enough for people to act like fighting games are doomed or something, but taking an extremely relativistic stance on this is just braindead.


kof13 is easier than other kofs in multiple ways (not criticizing kof13, i just think that making a game easier is fine as long as it doesnt actually hurt the game in some way)
you are looking at older games in a heavily biased way

I want more e-sports. The more electronic, the better.

What’s new is what’s hot is what America is. It’s not just an FG thing… It’s all media. People will buy new Drake albums despite how shitty his music is, when they could relisten to 36 Chambers as many times as they want, because Drake is the “new hot shit”, and 36 Chambers dropped in 93.

You can hate it all you want, but, you will always have several times the amount of people around you playing SF4 and Marvel 3 over the good shit.

I mean, dudes I’ve played games with for years, they talk about how they don’t like new marvel, or they don’t like SF4… but that’s what they play. I try to introduce them to other new shit, but, they just go back because at the end of the day, they’d rather play a bad game with a lot of people, thna play something quality with 5-10 max.

t’is sad, really.

You know…one big problem in this conversation is that a lot of fighting game players couldn’t articulate the good or bad of a lot of the games they played and why they are bad in the context of their games. The same things aren’t bad in all games, just some of them (don’t know if X-factor would be good in any game but whatev). Our community needs to smarten the hell up. It’s gotten a little bit better since more people have access to more info but the discussion hasn’t necessarily gotten better.

I’m loving a lot of your response’s you guys have left. I can see a lot of you don’t like how some of the new games have a more simplistic build and the comeback factors and stuff. I agree with what some of you are saying. I like the idea’s of some of the new games and heck I play them. I play sf4 and marvel 3 haha, but I do miss the times where my skill of putting in about hundreds of hours in vs a person who hasn’t played long and dominating… haha, just cause it shows the time i’ve put into it. I do love a good challenge of playing skilled players and to test my skills! those where the days, but… I still play the new games. I just hope the when new games come out in the future. They start taking the games to the next level where they either go to the extreme of making it where it require’s skill or even gracefully move it towards that direction in a way. I will always look forward to new things and the new games. I’m glad that Capcom has brought a ton’s of new players into the scene of fighting games. The whole scene needed to boost and help very badly. I thought the end was coming for them with the site of Arcade’s dying and the hope fade, but I’m thankful that they came out and brought the whole scene together and ever stronger. Now we need to harden these people who are new to the scene and give them a real challenge and create some new games in the future where they really have to crank out some time in to be good at! So when you land a awesome combo in a match or a tournament you will be so stoked and pumped that you did it or won the match!! Cause you worked hard for it and you earned it! This is what I hope for the future of Fighting games! I could go in great deal of more detail but I think a lot of you guys will understand where I’m coming from!

Fighting games are now a niche sector of competitive gaming, a far cry from the pre-internet 90s when FGs were one of the dominant competitive genres. To add insult to injury, FGs are primarily developed by japanese devs, who traditionally suck at understanding Online, UI, community building, dev-player interaction, etc. All competitive games become more enjoyable with a larger playerbase. When you have enough players, you get to do things like Starcraft 2’s league system, which gives a powerful incentive to improve, as well as providing good matchmaking against players of similar skill. When you have enough players, you get things like DoTA or Counterstrike, game mods that have become successful competitive games in their own right.

Gameplay-wise, and even graphics-wise, most FG fans are quite happy with games of the present and past. They dont need new and more mechanics or fancier graphics. Most veteran players have been crying out for something more traditional, and newer players havent seen enough to desire change or innovation anyways.

If japanese devs could see the light, they would understand the future of FGs, just like the future of all competitive games, lies in social and community features:

  • Things that help players find each other, either in-game (regional chat rooms) or out-of-game (official tournaments, events, etc.)
  • Things that help players play each other. (better netcode, better matchmaking)
  • Things that help new players discover the community. (in game links to community websites, news, tournament streams)
  • Things that help new players learn to play. (tutorials, single-player modes that teach skills in fun ways, professionally updated wikis with top level info, etc.)
  • Things that encourage new players to play. (as much as we hate them, things like Achievements, XP points, Battle Points, unlockables, etc provide the WoW-style “numbers going up” crack that can addict certain kinds of people.)
  • Things that lower the barrier to entry. (clearer and easier UI, button config UI that works well, online/social UI that is convenient and integrated, etc.)
  • Things that lower the cost of entry. (if you are going to release DLC or patches, at least have the decency to do GOTY-style final releases on disc.)
  • Things that give skilled players something to aim for. (professional competition)
  • Things that connect casual players with the competitive scene (streams and videos, events, news sites, etc.)

Western games, like LoL, DoTA, BF3, COD-MW3, SC2 etc, have started to learn these lessons and they have adopted many of these sorts of things. And western developers, since they are usually from a PC background, were better at these things to begin with. In this modern world of the internet, Japan needs to play catch up. Fan sites like SRK have been taking up the slack, but without ingame support for what they are trying to do, the devs are ignoring the benefits of the internet and sticking to old fashioned telephones and snail mail.

I dont think this is backed up by evidence tho. Japan gets the same FGs that the rest of the world does. It’s not like the US gets a special scrub version or anything. The popular FGs in japan (at least according to arcadia lists) are the same as elsewhere - SF, Tekken, BB, MB, AH, KOF. The only differences are Japan has VF and that Gundam VS game, whereas the US has MK and MvC, I guess. Are you basing your entire argument on MK and MvC?

almost all of the things that you posted dont depend of the developers at all, outside the netcode, tutorials,and the gui, the rest is just simply out of their hands

he is talking about how despite on japan there are new games, the old ones still have scenes with regular tournaments and ranbants
look at achoo for example, they have monthly tournaments for games like cvs2, vs, chaos breaker, sfa3 tlb2 (to name some) besides the regular games like BB, SSF4, AP, AH3, MB, GG, KOF, etc
the same can be said for others arcades and games, after the last sbo where they had sbx, the scene of the game revived, now you can see that there are a health amount of videos every month