TE Trgger buttons

So my TE trigger buttons (LT & RT, for hard kick and 3Kicks) stop working after playing for a while. They work intially but after 20 mins of play they’ll stop registering. However, if I simply unplug and replug, it works again. Anyone have the same problem? I’m also using the PCB inside a custom case where there’s plywood and the PCBs are screwed on with only one screw. Perhaps there’s static electricity building up with it moving around? or maybe the small bits of wood in the case are affecting it?

I’ve checked the connections and the buttons themselves, they seem to be fine. I also notice that the turbo function would stop working when the trigger buttons stop working.

Any one have similar issues/have any ideas what would be causing this? Thanks in advance.

I’ve had this problem as well. For me, I use the regular TE stick box, but i have done some modding.
the story:
when i first got the stick everything was great. A month or so in, i noticed that the buttons would occasionally stop working. it was heavy kick and all kicks as well (which is incredibly interesting). I just unplugged. The difference was that the buttons would only stop working twice a day or so. My friends and I played a lot so i’d say for every 3 hours of play, the buttons would cut out.

since then i’ve worked at getting new buttons. I’ve been fiddling with my stick and my roomates. They’re all decked out now (still in the TE stick case, again). But yeah recently i unplugged everything. including the two trigger buttons at the base of the stick. I replugged them in afterwards (i don’t know much about electronics but i see this as like rebooting a computer, or, the connection between the two parts). I have not had that stick’s trigger buttons fail since then.

Funny thing: I recently bought a new round 1 TE stick. It’s heavy kick and all kicks buttons cut out and stopped working yesterday. I plugged them back in, they worked fine and haven’t done it since.

what has madcatz done!? I’d like some answers too breh.

It sounds like Static Electricity. There is another thread on here that discusses this issue as well. (Sorry to hear about your having to deal with this.) " http://shoryuken.com/f177/ps3-madcatz-sfiv-se-just-died-static-electricity-178384/ "

Ah, thanks for the thread. I think i’ll give the grounding to mounting plate option a try. sounds like that would solve the problem. I recall opening up my dreamcast controllers they have a similar setup with the ground wire connected to an small empty metal metal plate. My PS3 SE died earlier too and now i’m thinking its cuz of the static electricity too.

Luckily my other TE (in original box) has been working perfectly fine. I hope that doesn’t develop the same problem in the future.