Summer Jam 3 in( Philly) 8-22/$500/free plane tic to South Florida Challenge for SF4

This is my birthday weekend. Definitely in on this. UGH!!!

Oh, I’m gonna be playing SF4 and 3S. So mark me down for those. Thanks.

Yes the fub bus.

Will b-day shots on me player.

word hav… let’s get long island ice teas…

yo Eric… you forgot me in SF4 my good sir

Yeah, put me down for SF4.

Can you hold your owe.

Yes. Here is an idea of my background.

Whats your background.

I dont need anyone else passed out under the tables. LOL LOL.

But that’s person did get up refreshed and won the tournament.

ouch cheapshot from dictator???

comeback you ain’t ready… let’s do jagerbomb shots son…

but truly glad summer jam is back… most def gonna hit this up

Phi is the only one that drinks with me all the time no one else has the balls. LOL LOL LOL

you must of forgotten about the melty blood cats at NEC last year eric… we had the line up on lock…lol… i mean it ain’t weekend thing so… ill pass on getting drinks( who am i kidding ill prolly still buy some) but im down for drinks man…let’s do this!!! lol

Ok your right.

But I will pass the the cup next time player.

i have no problem wit the drinks just the after math :frowning: just let me eat alot before hand n its going down

Let’s go tri-state area step up.

I might add $500 to SF4 pot.

Godly… Sign me up for SF4. Maybe BB once I get the console release. Also you should try to do sf4 2v2 teams again, Eric, it went pretty well last time.

Can’t wait. This’ll be my first tournament after coming back from Japan.

3S only for me.

Sf4 teams, sure thing.