Subject: Missing Asian man with tougeki ties

To: MrWizard

September 1, 2009
I know you will know what I mean.

We the people have got to stop these assasinations of people like Marn x japanese lover were found screwing and gootecks was killed.

Alpha-ism Radio is too BUNKEI controlled.

I WILL fight till I die to plan a future for these people of SRK free of gangland like MODs whom I hate for doing what they did to me. Check files on my 18th to 20-21st birthday. I was never that guy, doujin poverty did it to me but now I am better. Back to corruption, I need a job in Shoryuken I would never sell out in fear of possible ban or negative rep and I dont like other forum’s for traveling at least now.

You get endorced by Inkblot I hope you can be trusted. Maybe all this SHIstuff all these years have built up till your new position opens but will you really tell us the truth or keep us in the dark so we are calm. What is calm, we are not going to riot if the MODS tells us the truth in a way we can handle.
Our views seem close at times.

Have someone find me, not a mod in Mass. but someone stealthy and trustworthy. The Good SRK needs me and my views and intell I can retain and have. I need a job and I want to work with you if needed maybe as an intern to earn premium clearance. Like I dont already have some. I do not want Bang the Machine to come true anymore, domination 101=symbolism.

I want to help, I have since I was a little boy wanted this board to coexist not exactly peacefully because we need to vent but safe and happy as it was for me in the 03’s.

You knew of “Clearing up some misconceptions about the smash community” why did you not do something?

Contact law I know, secret info clause.

Dang Ponder was waiting for it to happen in that GGPO room very far away I bet.

It first dawned on me in the warm months before. Believe me. A radio commertion with an oriental said in a funny voice Y J D K, Y J D K twice, I dont know the commertial
I just heard it a couple times and I got a feeling and did picture the letters in my head then I put it together. Then I blew it off and forgot till it happened months after. My friends and family know I can be a little psycic.) You should understand as worldly and knowing Daigo that might have had psycic uppercuts. I gotta go to bed so I can turn in my first Game Design midterm. Im going to be a succsessful Entrapenor/Game desinger. Run that on your HD Remix program. I have been held back by the paranoya of the days I was being disqualified, all ways. How do you think I learned we had the ability to reset MVC2 at the touch of a button. It was not just punishment. Arturo Sanchez of New York NY, for tracking purposes was the one whom manipulated me via order of his captore’s the unknown at the time Empire Arcadia. Which is a trigger unconciously for the main words user think without saying. EA on avatars, kids see E and A as there favorite past time at arcades and elsewhere. What are we going to do?

This term is a term of paying to learn sf4 and telling of secrets that will win you $20.

Just keep the mods off my tail with all I know and I may be a usefull part of your office. Sirlin I offered to be a body guard, you I offer my most civilian efferts to stop the control of corruption in ALL boards of Shoryuken. This is funny, I always saw David Sirlin as cobra commander of GI-JOE. I dont know why.
My birth and EA-s tainting of my life will end and my god given place in the next 200+ years will be my greatest victory over Justin wong the king of lies and chinatown. You know whats funny I still think my dad was Tomo Ohira during Sf2 made to forget his skills cause he cant hide that from me with acting aloof. I think Mike Z in his early years was the Russian comrad in Blaze Blue the arcsys game that did not last due to lack of interest. If Tomo’s movie is really about my DAD in capcom he’s a hero whom saved me mike watson and socal and the world.

Back in the 90’s we knew when fighting games would come out. Wow thats the program I talk of that can pretty much predict the future.

I hope we dont let those japan beings win EVO anymore or when I build my masterpiece a replica of a SF4 cab I dreamt of or really saw my 17th year in Stanton CA going west from southern hills golfland in month may I think.

I will love to get in Ranking battles.

Maybe my dad isnt that guy but I did see similaritys with glovegirl being a man, my step mom by the way if your files dont show her. She does seem to be hiding from something, maybe her adams apple. Triforce Game Master was making Glove controllers when I was 10 that you plug in. Corporate, family, or the Competitors must have killed him if she didnt. He had a small business and I dont see why she gave it up when my dad and I could have continued and glove controllers would have come out 5-10 years sooner. It might have been a plug in version of a Power glove like Lucas in THE WIZARD.

Thats my world where I want to be someday.

Nice writing to you, if you dont win something needs to be done about not just the corruption but the EVIL power that lies in what we call fighting game discussion.

TTYL after season’s beatings if I dont think of anything else juicy.

Richmond, VA

Gootecks wasn’t killed. He just broke his stick against a wall. Evo stream chat told me so.

Also: are you schizophrenic or something?

What is this I don’t even

is this the part where I say “cool story bro” … cause idk what the hell he’s talking about o.o

It reads like a mad mans plot guide to SRK.

What the fuck did I just read?

Rep this man.


Already on it, too bad it doesn’t count from me

save everyone of us

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Again, what is this – I don’t fucking even.

Its damn random but loveable at the same time.

ramblings of a mad man…

I thought the very same.