Street Magic 4 Round 3 - Rosemead, CA - 3/13/10

My friends and I are hosting a Street Fighter 4 tourney at my family’s restaurant in Rosemead, CA.

Platform: PS3.

Saturday March 13th, 2010

Event Timeline
Sign-ups start at 11AM
Last call will be at 12:15PM
Tournament begins at 12:30PM

North Shore Hawaiian BBQ (mapquest)
3010 N. San Gabriel Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770

$10 w/ Preregistration
$12 at Day of Tournament

Cash Prize = 100% of entries
Usual Payout Structure
1st Place - 70%
2nd Place - 20%
3rd Place - 10%

Format and Rules:
Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 rounds per match
Best 2 out of 3 matches
99 Seconds per round
NO Characters are banned.
Please bring your own controller.
Winner of a match stays with same character; Loser can change character.
Winners Finals and Losers Finals will be best 3 out of 5 matches, 2 out of 3 rounds per match.

There is no cap on the # of players.

Preregistration is available.

To Preregister:
Call us at 626-573-9255 and leave your name, phone number, and gamer tag.
Email us at with subject title “Street Magic 4 Preregistration” and your name, phone number, and gamer tag in the body.

If you’re on Facebook, check out our group Smagic and the Facebook Event

The restaurant will still be operating during the tourney so you’re welcome to grab some grub in between matches.

Nice, this is the same day as the tournament at James Games in Upland, but the times are so different that it would be possible to attend here, then afterwards drive to the one in upland.

A whole day of tournaments! Woohoo!

Wait so are the James Games set to run into Saturday? I was looking at the thread for the Upland event and that event is set to run on Friday.

damn the 13th? grr I would be able to make if its on the 20th … oh well

I could have very possibly got the dates wrong, haha.

Dammit…wish I was still living in rosemead. Vegas sucks


Dislike pre-registrations XBlades?

The James Games tourney is on Friday the 12th

Sounds like fun.

This is a cute tournament in which cute people should go <3 ~ !!!

Yup. Look cute or go home.

when does pre-reg end?

Pre-Registration Ends on Friday at 11:59PM. If you’re not able to sign up by that time you can still compete, but you’ll have to pay $2 more at the door.

i myte come out to this.

I could be coming to this tournament. I don’t know yet. =/


I’d be all over this if I was visiting family in San Gabriel. Hopefully you’ll do this again when I’m down there. I think I might be there around Mother’s Day. Good luck to everyone at the tourny.

A tourney at a Hawaiian BBQ joint? Does the $10-12 entry fee include a free macaroni salad? Hehe. Didn’t this used to a Quiznos? I worked in Rosemead years ago and was wondering if this place took over.

Best of luck at this tourney!

won’t be able to make it out to this one. Have fun!

I am planning on making this simply because I love Spam.