Star wars VS soul calibur

Wtf, lmao:rofl:

oh yeah Imma force push the shit out of everyone!

pretty weak :tdown:

heh, yeah just saw it too. don’t know how a lightsaber will clash with regular weapons but it doesn’t really matter in a game. it would have made more sense if they had leia with ridiculously large breasts since that’s how the rest of the game is looking.

well Im a star wars fan so I have a bias. I know Im not the only one that actually likes the idea, right?

Pretty awesome. Vader’s God.

Hell yea. I’m sure it will be implemented some how.

Nice anybody who doesnt like this news is a HATER!!!

I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies, but with all these damn references from outside souces, why should I?! :looney:

Hopefully this will be better than SCIII and Masters of Ters Ksi combined.

A hater of what? The concept of futuristic space characters being put into a game set in the 16th century? :confused:

I don’t even care if this is fake. I was done with SC in like 2001. But I do feel bad for the people who still like SC and have to put up with bs like this.

Hate hate hate hate hate :tdown:

Yeah, after three bs installments I think it’s time to let this series go. As much as I hate to.

i personally find this way more repulsive than the announcement of halo spartan to be in doa4

vader’s made of win…i wanna see what the lightsaber soul edge will look like?

now like a million people are going to buy the game and then the terrible cycle will continue

die soul calibur, die.

Dude its a fighting game who cares if it fits into the story, gameplay is all that matters.

This is the oddest piece of fighting game news I’ve ever seen.

This article has shattered many minds. Most of them are in this thread. I vote Vader for top tier in this game. Force Choke = instant KO.

hahaha if youre seriously annoyed by this you are fucking pathetic

that said sc still sucks

im yoda irl

I like the idea. I certainly think Vader’s a cooler idea than a lot of Soul Calibur’s lineup. Nightmare comes to mind.

So odd, yet so awesome at the same time. I hope we get a star Wars level.