SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

lol why be here when discord is superior.

No offense, but your posts make it sound like you are either in denial about being gay or your idea of a perfect woman is…

Nah, I’m not gay or ONLY interested in a girl’s ass. I just like girls’ asses a whole lot. Especially if it’s nice and round (PAWG status). I don’t know the “cause” for it, but I’ve always been an ass man through and through as long as I can remember.



I dated a triathlete once who had no ass whatsoever, and despite everything good about that relationship the lack of ass just killed it for me. I come from a soccer background where hips are critical, so nice soccer hips or runnerbutt work wonders.


I can’t keep up on discord. When I’m at work it’s too fast. I need time to read and digest discussions.


Discord bad on mobile great on ipad

The thing that is bad is that we don’t have pages and the loading

Is that J. Jonah Jameson?

lol i look at it in the morning and at night. there arent generally thatttt many posts to go through. since its not as many people as in here pre-reboot, when id go to this thread and miss like something dumb like 5oo posts in a day lol.

Erm sure it is lol.

Naw it’s the principal from prison school, an ass aficionado.

Discord is divided too much too, you have Shafts right wing discord, rocks chicken wings discord and the GD which is probably the best, but certain dudes stick to one and it’s a pita catching convos all over the place.

This caught me by surprise.


Yeah well this layout is shit. Weeks later and I still can’t stand it.


Since Easter Sunday and April Fools lands on the same day…I’m tempted to pull a prank on the congregation.

He is risen!


So, I guess there is another reason that tea is superior to coffee. A lack of acrylamide (in significant amounts).

Which is bullshit cause you gotta drink practically a gallon for even that to affect you any.
California going sideways with these things, lol.

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Listening to drunk niggas giving you advice when they already drunk, am feeling a story about to formulate… better catch this on discord lol.

why use ipod shit when the phone does the job.
traveling long distances on a subway without music and headphones jacked to your phone is straight death