SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

Got my hair cut and straight razor shave. I feel so much better. Went to my favorite pub for lunch and had a few drinks as well and now I’m fucked up.

Fuck I love vacation.


I heard getting a straight razor shave by a pro is awesome.

It is. It’s so refreshing.

You know life’s a lot like games sometimes.

You rage at it and you play worse.

If you want to climb that leaderboard you gotta be chill, take your licks and just keep grinding.


So i think the best feature of a woman should be her face

I love ot, but hate having no life

Trying to just secure vacation money. Going to japan next year. Maybe for sakura genesis


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Oh being with a girl, for sure. Face is super important to me.

But if I’m jerking off to some fake Russian bitch, who cares lol

Anyone still use an MP3 player? Or has ya’ll just stick to your phones for music? Or even watches.

I still do, I like to have a fully functional phone by the end of the day and not have the battery die before lunch.


I use my phone personally…only MP3 player I’ve still got is my Zune and I leave that safe at home as it’s got a lot of old school EDM mixes and shit that can’t be found anymore.


Like I always say, the face should be your top priority when looking for a woman.

She fat? She can hit the gym.
She got no tits? She can buy them.
She got no ass? She can buy it.
She ugly? Well good luck with that, cause your stuck with it. And if she goes under the knife you’re gonna end up with a Michael Jackson looking mofucka.

Also nothing like getting head from a good looking girl.


Wise words.FlameAngelz

It’s a shame Daboog’s wife didn’t follow it.


I still use them. I have a first generation fiio x3.

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Though I’m WAY more concerned with a chick’s ass, I can dig this. Faces are what you see every day, and if you don’t like looking at it there will be problems.


Like my polish princess Strahovski.
Not tits or ass, but great face.


Um how would you know what wife looks like?
You are one creepy fuckhead sukdeep

Oh are you going to drop the n-word again?

My wife is the most beautiful woman on earth. Nothing can make me feel differently

But yes to me face is important because it is what i see. Then it’s ass. Then it’s tits.

I like symettry but face and ass is the utmost importance

He was saying SHE didn’t follow that advice with you. Not flaming; just explaining.


This forum is dead. I’m going to bring the napalm on srk, while enjoying SRK2.

What’s the difference between Razor and a canteloupe?

A canteloupe gets a woman wetter.

Was the main male character of Moana the love child of the Rock and Daboog?

All signs point to YES.


This forum is srsly dead lol

I thought I was the only one on these forums who liked Yvonne like that.

In any case. Just seen Thor Ragnorak. Thor telling the snake story was fucking hilarious.

I also don’t mind the more comedic tone it’s taken. I prefer it. We’ve already seen super serious Thor movies and those were kind of blah. Plus, I didn’t think Hemsworth had comedic range like that.

The get help plan was pretty perfect too.