SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

Damn…Didn’t even get a part. Yet banned and dead people did.



And yes I know what it samples too.

Things now feel so fragmented. Going now to 3 spots for conversations.

Elon Musk true to his word.


Refreshing to see a billionaire be “different”. This guy actually feels like he wants to improve humanity instead of only thinking for himself, like 99% of the planet.


^Nice. I genuinely look forward to the days of facebook being a thing of the past.

quick random juice drink recommendation— SIMPLY PEACH, folks…so yeah, that “Simply” Orange brand branched out and there’s all kinds of other things now, like this and “Simply Grapefruit”, etc. …and holy shit it is amazing… it’s like a fruit drink from some other dimension. This will be a new regular thing on my grocery list. I could drink this all damn day.

Random shit— I still laugh about the time dsp was doing giveaways on his channels… but it would just be the special edition boxes…with no game in there. When I first heard of that it was on one of the Sons of Kojima vids… I laughed for a long time off that shit, man. “…well it’s just the box, actually… I sold that game a long time ago…”-- unbelievable, man… doing a “Special Giveaway!”—and it’s… boxes. ohhhhh man this guy :rofl: Oh, and lately he’s wondered and been frustrated with his sub count going down…all while he has this habit of banning people constantly for anything. Woooo boy I’m still cracking up over here about the empty boxes he’d giveaway like some special “grand prize”.

Yeah, when I was into fruit juices heavy (trying to ween myself off of soda, not knowing juice was just as bad sugar-wise), “Simply Orange/Apple” was like straight-up crack to me. They’re all good, all around the board. Even though I toned down on fruit juice a lot, I can’t go back to the regular shit when I buy some. It’s “Simply” or go home.

I have today and tomorrow left before i take my 2 week vacation (paid vacation at that. Fuck yeah). The wait is driving me mad. I cannot wait to not deal with people for 2 weeks.


that little concept is pretty damn awesome… to be off and doing whatever…yet you still get paid for that time. I’m most likely going to take time off around the release of that game Vampyr. The great thing is that I usually don’t take off a lot of time, so usually it’s no problem for me to get the time I’m requesting off.

If E3 was still as awesome as it once was, I’d definitely build little vacations around that event… I did it last year or year before but was disappointed since E3 itself turned out to be not all that… still it was cool to be just lounging around the apartment, doing nothing but watching the latest stuff being revealed live.

I tried it at my work, I felt it was too sweet.

Yeah man. Vacation is always nice but vacation or corporates dime? Feels good man.
I’m going to an anime convention, getting my hair cut and a clean razor shave, getting my ears gauged bigger getting a new tattoo and all sortsa stuff I haven’t had time to do. I’ve been saving for this moment since December.



And of course in Twitter fashion…

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If you’re feeling down and blue, look at this video…LOOK AT IT!


Feels good to be home.

I hope the meme generation never gets ahold of Duckman. Let that show rest with us born in the 80s.

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More likely there will be a reference to it and then all the kids will think that Duckman is a Family Guy character.

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Duckman used to be part of the saturday morning line up for one of the TV stations.

Didnt know how bad of an idea thay was ubtil I saw reruns when I was older. Underrated show.


No words. LOL!!!

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Duckman was an amazing show, but damn that last season sucked and the series finale was one of the worst things I had seen.