Somewhat Accidental FS3 Mod to GameCube/Wii

Brand new Hori FS3 I got for $13

There already ARE holes that line up between the JLF and Hori. Use them.

JBWeld + a scrap metal plate + Bondo = Button Delete

DupliColor “School Bus Yellow”

Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm from Lizard Lick

After this^, the stick sat for almost a year until I realized that every wii controller in this house sucked ass. I had a Gamecube stick pcb that I never threw away, hanging on a hanger in my closet, so since this Hori doesn’t deserve my PS3 pcbs (I have an EPIC plan for them:smile:) and the stock board didn’t work with my previous install of XP (I have x64 XP now but I already threw the pcb away:crybaby:) this was a no brainer.

Yes, I still buy cds.

Top to Bottom on the PCB side = Forward, Down, Back, Up

Wiring up the start and select buttons

Done, except for modding the bottom of the case for the longer stick

Nice! Awesome stick.

Thanks man. I was partially* re*-inspired by your FS3 and you saying I should give my stick away to a good home, since I didn’t finish it

Very cool stick but how did you get the fs3 for 13 bucks.

Loll !! Nice, nice!

Yeah, where did you get a HFS3 for $13?

There are still deals to be had on eBay.

Another question is why did you change the switches in the seimitsu to stock hori?

That color scheme is badass I didn’t want to paint my fs3 but now I think I might have to.

For me, changing buttons on any stick is purely for cosmetic reasons. It was easier to use the original Hori switches instead of modding the board to fit the pretty Seimitsu buttons.

Yeah, that is sorta weird, since the whole point of using seimitsu/sanwa is for good arcade grade buttons. The looks really come second.

And where the hell did you get Snapin Clear Seimitsu buttons? Lizardlick, Akihabara shop nor Seimitsu carry them.

The only buttons that truly impress me are the stock PS1 Namco stick buttons. As for the clear snap ins, I got them when they were still available @ Lizard’s:razz:

I do have an un-used set, but I’ll probably use them for target practice:rofl:

Target Practice? Damn, I was really looking for some too.