Some questions from someone new to the fighting scene

  1. the better player will usually win, not always, but they will usually win more if there are a lot of set unless they are similar in skill level.
  2. it’s more like an educated guess, sometimes it feels like you almost know what your opponent is going to do and vice versa.
  3. dont know
  4. it’s different from APM, but there’s execution.

sorry to bump this, but now that i do have the stick and the game i have new problems. First off this is probably the steepest learning curve i’ve ever had in a videogame. last two days ive just been trying to get acclomated with the stick and fighters in general. i’ve been doing trials and i’ve pretty much gotten to 10-13 with three different ones and holy shit is it hard. My main question is this. I’ve played Mouse and keyboard gaming my whole entire life and im right handed so i use right hand for mouse movements and left hand for keyboard. When meeting the arcade stick this is flipped in its entireity. So i’ve realised i have three options

  1. Suck it up and get used to it (which i sort of dont want to do because i still play starcraft and im completely used to left hand for pressing buttons)

  2. Crosshanded (feels awkward as fuck for certain buttons like pressing A and B)

  3. Or try to find a joystick, which can be customized so that the stick is on the right side? (where would i do this and how much would it cost???)

Thanks again guys and i think this might be the hardest thing to get used to in my life… i’ve played every genre of the game and just getting used to the physical aspect of this game is wierd as shit.

#1 is going to be far and away your simplest / least expensive option, given that you find crosshand play awkward. The majority of the games I’ve taken seriously have been on PC (beginning with Age of Empires 2), but I play on a normal joystick.

Finding a custom joystick builder to build you a mirror-layout stick shouldn’t be too hard. Check the builders’ thread in the Trading Outlet. This will likely be expensive.

However, depending on the stick you have, it may be relatively inexpensive for you to mirror the layout. Check Art’s Hobbies ( to see if they carry plexi tops for your stick, then use the custom panel builder and mirror the layout if they do. You might have to do a little wire splicing to extend the joystick harness over to the right side, but it should be a relatively simple job if you’ve ever worked with electronics before (having put a PC together counts). If you’re a DIY kind of guy, you can find information about creating your own case (and more!) over on

im pretty awful in regards to technology so pretty much if i were to do three, i would have to find a site which sells inversed sticks already made etc, but i doubt that there is one. Its kinda funny because when noticing that M&K is right hand on mouse left hand on keyboard, you would think that arcades would atleast replicate this system… might just have to get used to it though… argh

also i have a TE mad catz, blazblue that i bought on amazon on monday. i could return it possibly if if there was an easy enough way to find a stick that is inversed.

That’s the same stick I have. Narcowski’s idea of plexi panel replacement would work wonders. Just buy the plexi panel and install it flipped so the stick goes on the right.

Not quite sure what you mean. My time spent using an arcade stick for fighters does not dampen the way I use keyboard to play TF2 on the PC. Now I have never played a Starcraft game before, but if you are worried that focusing on both fighting games and RTS games will obstruct your performance on either one, it shouldn’t be a problem as far as controls are concerned.

im sure it wouldnt be a gigantic deal, but im just accustomed to it. i’m probably just going to suck it up because how expensive it would be to mod it. unless someone convinces me that i wouldn’t have to spend 200+ dollars on it…

Well you don’t need to spend 200+ to mod your TE. If you want your stick to have a wasd or hitbox button layout, try ordering from art hong using this custom panel builder on his site. Art is a respected member of this community who is mostly popular for his plexiglass tops that go over custom TE/hrap artwork. He does other things with plexiglass like full on plexiglass replacement TE panels or cases.

EDIT: nvm someone already mentioned it lol. <_> my face when I can’t read threads thoroughly

Does this work? I’ve only ever drilled my own plexi, and I countersunk the screws. Do the Tek-Innovations panel replacements not use countersinks?
Either way, it’s a $5 difference to mirror the panel versus just installing it upside down, and the mod will run you far less than $200, probably $50 at the high end including shipping.

Pretty sure it works. I think it says something like that in the site’s FAQ somewhere.

suck it up

Learning to use a stick will no way screw up your muscle memory on PC games. Check out the execution sticky for advice on how to practice/improve.

sorry for rebumping this, but i have one more question. Which character should i choose?
I watched EVO and got to see alot of different characters in action and i’m thinking of choosing either one of these.

  1. Yang (seems really solid and less gimicky than yun, less played aswell)

  2. Seth (Poongko, nuff said)

  3. C Viper (interesting, fast paced, but seems prone to being gimmicky?)

  4. Ryu (solid, but overplayed and everyone knows his in and outs)

what are your thoughts? can you lay down some positives and negatives for each of these characters? In general im just looking for someone really solid (sorry if you dont know what this means, in starcraft it means in general not risky or gimmicky just straight up well done gameplay) Obviously i know that street fighter is a game of guesses, but im sure there are chars that are more risky than others

any reasons why? might be me, but it seems like all the characters you posted are underplayed?

Though no one can tell you who to play, but you’ve basically answered your own question. If you want to play solid, pick Ryu.

Don’t think its a bad decision, no matter what a tier list may say. His set of tools is incredibly versatile, and has options to work with any given situation. You just have to remember a few things.

The best players aren’t the best cause they can do fancy combos or play high tier characters, they’re the best because they make smart decisions within any given situation. Learning what to do, and when to do it is the most important thing for a new player. A player who can make smart decisions with basic (but consistent) execution will win quite a bit. But someone who only knows high execution combos, but nothing else is never going to be even a mediocre player.

Secondly, don’t worry about a tier list. Yes there are characters better than others, but you lose because you made either a poor decision, or an executional error. Your character is never the one that loses for you. You should look at tier list more as a matchup list, and how your character options compare to your opponents characters options. This is why you shouldn’t worry about people know Ryu’s in-&-outs. Knowing the basics of every single one of your matchups is something you will have to know anyway if you even plan on being a decent player.

stop trying to pick THE BEST CHARACTER. Just play the damned game.

Seth is the opposite of what you’re looking for. I recommend giving Sagat a try, I personally think he’s solid in AE and I think if you’re learning that having a projectile character will help as you’ll quickly learn basic spacing.