Brand new, never opened hori vlx $425 shipped
Bought two of these from the horiusa store way back when and decided to finally sell the unopened one. It was going to be a project but decided to put it up for sale

I have custom artwork Hori Fighting Edge in nice condition if you are maybe interested in a trade plus $150.

thanks for the offer but i am only selling. i have a half closet full of sticks. I already picked my ones I will need and use for future projects and work. Plus I still need to get a few family members xmas gift instead of i owe you’s LOL

No worries, figured I’d ask anyway. Wish I had the cash to drop on this, played a friend’s a while back and felt that it had the best feel of any stick.

could u ship it to Indonesia?

xmas price expired. i will reply to all PMs. the price listed is price shipped in the US. i am being straight up, international shipping is $$$$$. it cost 200 bucks for me to send a item to Singapore.