So Adon is suddenly powerful?

Right wasnt gonna make a thread for this but im highly amused by it.

Lately it seems Adon is becoming quite the ‘powerhouse’.
We have pro’s such as Mago stating he is one of the best characters in the game, include some others of course but he is the one that comes to mind.

I just got off of some games where people (who I beat btw) were stating he was OP or a noob character.

Seems to be a trend lately and I thought this would be a good place to discuss his sudden rise in strength.

Personally I feel he is strong and top 10. But top5 or OP… laughable imo.


I think he’s definitely B Tier if not higher. He has great mixup potential and good damage. With a little bit of patience and some creativity, in the right hands he’s a great character and we are seeing that now.

Anyone who calls another character a “noob character” is just salty they can’t hang. Plain and simple.

Well ive always recieved some hate as an Adon player. People find him annoying and ‘trollish’.
But lately ive seen alot of comments geared towards him being one of the best.

Anyway thanks for the response and I agree with you on his mixup and creativity :smiley:

ye, i get that “trollish” stuff too + hatemail etc. o_O dunno where this comes from!
adon was always a decent character, but i still find him lacking sometimes!

he could use a good antiair like that sak cr.Fierce (that shit is OP lol) and if you have a bad day with adon you will get totally wrecked by anyone - execution has to be up all times and you need to have spacing like a god sometimes if u want to win with adon! its not as eays as people think it is, spamming jk’s certainly wont get you any far! in addition to that i dont really like his FADC timing, you have to be so damn fast (!) to FADC a RJ, that i sometimes think i will rip the stick out of my TE if i do it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and those 2-3 really (really, really) bad matchups come to mind like gief and hawk and such…

thats why i am still considering switching to rufus, but i cannot decide!
if my execution is up, my adon is good enough for me to be satisfied and win around my level (or maybe a bit higher) of 3000+ PP, but when i got a day where i cannot even link those cr.lp, cr.lp into RJ (not even talking bout FADC U2 after o_O) or that RJ just wont hit that croucher and i get blown up for it, then i am drawn to rufus for his more or less “easy” playstyle, where you just have to play intelligent and smart to win and not have to be so damn fast…

oh, and i hate being thrown out of my frametrap because of stand tech or lagg or both ^^

adon is good, but you yourself have to be good to use him (spacing, execution, mind games) and some matchups fuck him up

Also, fuck whoever made Lv.1 Focus minus frames on HIT.

Nothing worse than absorbing a hit, dashing forward… and getting hit/thrown for your good read.

oh yeah, totally forgot about that shit ;( really sucks!

edit: just coming back from a few attempts to play some endless… i got kicked everytime after they saw me playing adon o_O wtf is up with those ppl!!!

Almost every character is negative off of lvl 1 focus hit or block. even fei lol

happens to me regular. When I send “???” they usually reply something like. “Dont like Adon, he is OP” or “Adon is annoying” or my favourite “fuck jagga noob”.

What I love the most about focus dash is that at certain ranges, you can dash with Adon through a fireball and eat another before you recover :smiley:

I just receive usual messages like cheap character, evereything is safe, noob character, Adon doesn’t seem to be perceived like a really good character, just an annoying character.

Adon seems really more popular in Japan, and as we know japanese like to play top tiers characters.

I remember some statistics during the beginning of arcade edition where Adon was one the least played character below Hawk the eternal low tiers.

thats funny, because when i started playing AE (on PC though, so very late) i went into training room with all the new characters and i was so sure i’d play yun, yang or oni! then i tried adon for like 30 seconds and i was like f*ck all the others, this one is it! :wink:

Lol that would make the game horrible if it was even or plus. Goodbye footsies and so on.

Adon hits…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

thats all i need to know about Adon.
i barely know how to play with Adon.
never ever took the time to play as him in alpha…

but i’ve trolled with him a few times in endless battles online…
and damn…

he is a damn good character.
he just hits so hard. he can dish out so much damage in an instant. it really throws opponents back when they caught in an Adon offensive run. they get shocked by how much damage he can dish out in a few seconds.

Adon…is def top tier. people sleep on Adon since there are few Adons online…but make no mistake,
he’s definately a beast.

he’s definately gonna be my sub…but i’m still trying to level up my juri since she’s one of the harder characters to figure out, she’s high maintenance…hard to play with, and even harder to win with online(lag hurts her like no other character in SF)
but i’m def gonna be subbing in Adon 4 the wins.

since i don’t know how to play with Adon much, i try to compensate my noobness by playing him as if i was playing with joe hisagi…a character i do know how to play with…its not the same, but some set ups & strats still work the same.

but yeah, people sleep on Adon’s prowess since no one gets to see much of him online and mistakenly think he’s ass coz no one plays using him…and then they get rudely awakened…hee hee

Like I said before Adon can hit hard quickly in a very few time with jaguar kick and instant air jk, otherwise his BnB (3 lights rj fadc ultra II) does only 337 and after a jump mk 400, I don’t nedd to say if the ultra is not full the damages are ridiculous, Adon finally needs meter and a full ultra to hit “hard”.

Adon was high middle in AE and I don’t really think the buff of his mk put him in the top 5, top 10 maybe, the others buffs are minors, his focus attack still whiff some time.

Without GamerBee, the character would be non-existent in high level tournament, I don’t really follow the american scene but except Wong no one does some results with him and is not his main.

In fact since AE the character is almost non-existent in tournament, GamerBee doesn’t do top 8 in evo or shadowloo, I wait impatiently the next shadowloo with GamerBee and Ex Mamehara, speaking of him he won the 3v3 and from what I saw, he plays very well with him but it was a team tournament.

To me you can said if a character is top tier if he’s played a lot at high level solo tournament.

Hi guys, nice topic.

Although I have been away for a long time (school and work as usual), I agree that I have noticed all this talk that Adon has become a superb character. To be honest, I think its only based on the net changes to the cast (hurting some and improving others) but really I do not believe Adon has changed that much from his AE counterpart (comparing 2012) although I still say I am no expert.

I agree with Seratna though, top tier characters are spammed at tourney’s. Adon is NOT top tier. Solid B in my books since to use him, you have to deal with his “issues”.

To be fair, Fei was top in super and no one used him.

Adon is a solid character. good enough to play against top tiers.

its not surprising really, he has a lot of good tools. having a mixup game and a DP along with good footsies usually leads to a strong overall character

… in Super Fei users were as common as the cold.

You can play against top tiers with any character. The problem is that you then must adapt your play style to make up for the top tier character’s advantage. Not saying it is impossible but that IS the reason I am saying he is not top tier.

I hear a lot of people say Adon has a good dp. My question is: Is his dp really that good? dp vs dp against a shoto 3/5 I loose. It helps he has a dp, but really I dont think it can be use like a dp since its his knee that goes up and not his fist. Maybe its just me…

i agree, his DP makes me utterly rage sometimes ;/

His ex dp is really good but his rj hk sucks against empty jump and neutral, compare it to Cammy or Shoto, the difference of timing is ridiculous.
Dp vs dp, sometimes I win sometimes I lose, it’s a bit random.

Eventhubs post a new tiers list and Adon is ninth below the top tiers, it’s fine to me even if I don’t agree with some match-up, advantage against Blanka (wtf) ,Seth and Sakura (some players will not agree with me I know).
The advantage against Ryu and Guile are more 5,5 than 6-4 and disadvantage against Dhalsim O.o