Should I be worried if I super glued parts together?

I super glued the wiring harness to the joy stick because it kept coming off even if I taped it. Should I be worried? If this problem occurs to you what do you do in this situation?

If the super glue holds and the directions work, don’t sweat it. If it happens again, pick up a JLF-TE cable from or LizardLick. It uses the proper connector so it wont fall off.
(Assumes you have a TE. If not, you got some weirdness going on.)

You want to use Hot Glue, not Super Glue. Some Super Glue’s can melt the plastic. Hot glue is easily removed…

You also have to check if the glue is conductive. I made this mistake once and got water based glue on a board and it caused all sorts of shorts.