Should Hardcore players call out the 'pro' reviewers?

I think that all a reviewer really has to do is just admit that he doesn’t know that much about the genre. I don’t see that happening ever though.

No, I’m not saying that at all, I’m saying that game journalists don’t know their stuff.

Fighting games in general are a good example, game journalists usually pointing out dated graphics on the 2d game and yet saying ‘its a good button mashing fest, just as good as tekken’.
So my point isn’t just contained to 2D fighters. But also in other genres, such as sports titles, not even being able to find out exactly what has changed since the last game since they probably never played it. Not even understanding the gameplay aspects of the sport itself?

For example, any pro-reviewer says that Virtua Tennis is the closest you can get to real Tennis without getting on the court, and yet experienced tennis gamers who have played every Tennis game under the sun say that Virtua Tennis does a so-so job of simulating real tennis with a limited shot selection compared to far older games.

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…bar CUBE.

I wonder if that’s what the mainstream wants out of fighting games these days: fighters that are simplistic and/or mash friendly (meaning you don’t have to learn a lot to have a good time) and have eyecandy graphics. Maybe the age of depth-fighters (the SFs, KOFs, GGs, etc) are really out the door!

Jason Wilson for Tips n’ Tricks played CvS tournies and placed in 3rd place for a couple of them. He’s like the only good gamer/journalist around.

Somebody mentioned Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas.

Boy are you right. Those dumb fucks don’t know jack shit about video games. I remember Tommy was complaining about how hard MegaMan games were, and I was Like WTF!!! All you have to do is jump and shoot, this isn’t rocket science.

Man the X-play review of CFE was horrible. While they were showing the video of the game, there were no 3 hit combos, not a lot of super moves, alot of random jumping around, no auto-doubles (a basic precept of SF), nothing. They were just criticizing the 10 year old sprites and graphics. Not one word was said about the fighting game system and how the characters from the different series differed from each other. They could have at least mentioned that SFII characters make more bar energy than the others and that DS characters have 3 bars and can EX. Similar to those of 3S which can Ex moves for half their meter or etc…

Pop culture is slowly eating away at mainstream journalism. With Crap like WWE smackdown and DEF Jam considered good fighting games, the future does look bleak for hardcore gamers.

I would disagree with that because they gave CFE a 3 out of 5, basically saying it wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either and that fans of 2D fighters would like it but wasn’t for everyone.

And that’s a fairly accurate and solid review for the game. In contrast we had the “hardcore gamer’s mag” rate it worse then the latest Arc the lad game.

As it should have, we hardcore gamers have high standards consarn it!

But that’s such a cop-out when reviewing games, you may as well just say: “If you like this sort of thing, then you might like this!”

In XboxIGN’s review of SF:AC, they couldn’t even spell Ibuki right. So I’m pretty damn sure they don’t give a crap.

Since when was WWE or any wrestling game considered fighting games? I’m surprised at how the people on this certain awards show on MTV considered a wrestling game a fighting game…

But I get what this is about. Reviewers in general just need to know about the subject they are discussing and cover some important points; They dont have to be hardcore,they just have to know what they are talking about.

Ps-It’s funny how some people will go 'OMG YOU DONT KNOW SHIT SCRUB!!111" At some reviewers.

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Who is the post above directed at?

You tell me. I don’t have a problem getting negged if I’m being an ass, but I take issue with it when I try to contribute something constructive and some random jackass sees fit to to show his disapproval by the most cowardly, backhanded means. If you don’t agree, just say so in the thread.

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I don’t care at this point, shit just pisses me off. And get on MSN every now and then, I’m bored during the day.

I have mix feelings on reviewers. On one hand, I can understand what they are going though. They’re not experts on every type of game. If they are not into fighting games than they don’t know about cancelling, poke game and things of that nature and they don’t have the time to learn it cause they have to review 6 or 7 other games before press time.

On the other hand, alot of these guys have agendas so certain games. If a game is on the cover, has a feature write up and a review in the same mag than 9 out of 10 chance its going to get a high review score. Some are graphic whores so if its 2D than it sucks. Sterotyping is big in reviews as well. To them RPGs are for nerds and they want to be “cool” so unless its FF and they don’t want FF fanboys sending thousands of hate mail, RPGs don’t get past an 8. J-Pop and techno type of music sucks to them so DDR gets mid level scores plus it gets the famous “If you played one, you played them all” catch pharse. And we all know about fighting games mainly the reviewer who swears that he is a fighting game fan and doesn’t know squat.

I could go a rant all day about this but I’ll just say camplaing won’t help cause long as casual gamers buy the mag, watch the shows and read the websites than then the hardcore cries will fall on deaf ears and get labled as “Fanboy, nerd or cry baby”. You can always start your own mag, websites (forget a hardcore gamer show unless its undergrand cable network or something).

Maybe it’s because it does suck more than Arc the Lad?

I bought CFE the day it came out, boy I want my 32 dollars back. I still play it time to time, but this game is crap. It deserves a 2 out of 5 in X-play terms. I don’t know if you actually heard the same review I heard? Even my little brother was like WTF is this shit, they didn’t tell us anything about the game.

Another G4 thing that really pissed me off was a Cinematech episode with four girls talking about their favorite games. One girl said Street Fighter Alpha 2 and vioula to my suprise they started airing footage from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Since when was WWE or any wrestling game considered fighting games? I’m surprised at how the people on this certain awards show on MTV considered a wrestling game a fighting game…


Ever since gaming has become semi-mainstream, and the classic celebrity response to what video games you like is: Ms. Pacman and Tony Hawk, WWE, and Pong.

Damn, people need to get witht he times.

Average gamers don’t play that much. People who still think Atari is new should get knocked out.

Fighting games get the biggest attacks from celebrities. People go to the extent of turning their controllers’ in reverse in order to button mash differently, thinking this will make their performance better. The world should come to an end.

Yeah, I heard that the new board that was going to come out they supposedly have means so you can find out who gave you rep I think.

That’s really rather stupid, I know I got negged for my low tier thread. It just seems sad to me when a person gets negged repped for trying to provide information or give something constructive other than the “what’s your favorite shoes to wear to the arcade” threads. I remember helping out a newb who was asking if onslaught was in mvc2 and I got anononegged for it.

It’s not even a issue of the rep because it doesn’t mean much and also it does so little now that one random neg won’t really make a difference. But, as many people have gotten anononegged/random negged have said before it’s just a bitch thing to do, it’s deliberately spiteful.

Not to derail the topic though. Reviewers? Well if they don’t know enough about the game they should simply admit it, it’s not exactly a secret that they only spend so many hours on a game they probably never played before. It’s still a insult when a guy calls him the best tekken player ever and is playing so horribly the people here literally have their jaws drop.