SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

Who is this mark Julio guy?

I bought a tshirt from him at canada cup 2015 before so I have to assume he’s in the tshirt business. This will be an exciting year for tshirts.


Monster dropped Infiltration too.

Didn’t see that coming.

I think they still have that thing where you can change your name once for 200k FM or 10 bucks. Might wanna look up how to do that if you still can.

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Yeah, you can change the name with a ton of FM but think of all the Roses you could buy with that!

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How do you guys hold your stick?

I’ve been holding the ball area in between my thumb and index finger and the rest of the fingers resting on the arcade board.

This could be why my execution is utter shit.

2 days ago I decided to use the wineglass method that daigo uses.
Sat in the training room for a bit. It was really hard getting used to it.

Went to rank on my secondary account on steam to trash some noobs as I’m only super bronze there.

Lost to a super bronze Ryu and an ultra bronze Ryu.
My hand was slipping all over and I couldn’t dp or instant divekick properly. It was frustrating.

How do u guys hold your sticks and is there a teething problem like mine when transitioning from one method to another.

Gonna try sticking to this wineglass method and see how it goes.

I use a bit of a hybrid.

You’ve got wine glass which is palm facing up, then you’ve got fingers, which is more holding the stick with your fingers, that’s what you described.

Easiest way to describe how I hold it is that I hold it kinda like I’m holding a beer. Thumb on the right, fingers I’m the left, but the stick never touches my palm.

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Oh, sorry Jin, I wasn’t clear. I meant changing my name/tag on here. I don’t mind just creating a new account if that’s better.

For CFN, I checked andyou can spend 200k FM or $13.50 CAD to change it. I’ll do one or the other at some point.

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The best grip it’s the one you feel more comfortable with, what works for some couldn’t necessary work for you.

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Wait? Is that true love in the making?


This is good. D3v has always been pretty active on the forums and always played a good variety of games. Glad he made it through his health stuff. Miss his beefs with Veserius lol.


So I see there is a new MK game.
Here is my prediction for it.

Everyone talks about the game, how awesome it is and how they will play it forever.
Game comes out.
One month later, no one will talk about it, the tournament scene will be reduced back to SonicFox winning everything and people wait for Injustass 3 were the circle begins a new.
Inbetween this time, SugarPunchDesign will make a video why MKXI Animations also suck.

This is NRS, if you belive you get anything other than the weird moves they’ve been doing in NRS games for the last decades, you really should be ready for a huge disappointment.

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Like every MK, I’m only there for the fatalities and then peace out.


I’m really gonna try to give MK11 a serious try. If that ends up going nowhere, I’ll at least enjoy the content since I’m a filthy casual.


I’m only there for story mode and fatalities. Then peace out. Hopefully they can do more this game. MK9 was actually a better game than MKX was, so I’m hoping then focus on the actual fighting more this time.

Anyway, here is a cool video I found


Hey everyone, I wanted a new name (for everything really… I got ‘KingCrimson’ from a band I don’t really listen to anymore, and ‘OldManRage’ is just meh), so my new username is PlusFrames. I like it. It sounds good, has relation to fighting games, and I’m a pretty big dude in real life so it fits.

For the meantime my CFN is still OldManRage and linked to my PSN of WhoCares1984. I created a new PSN (PlusFrames_) but will likely use it more for other games. I’ll keep my old PSN reserved for SFV and just pay to change my CFN ID.

@DevilJin_01 please keep my KingCrimson account active for the time being. I have a few PMs from you and others that I’d like to refer to.



That’s too bad. In the Court of the Crimson King is still one of the best albums I ever heard.