Selling New HORI PS3 Soulcalibur V Arcade Stick

My friend and I recently won Hori sticks in the raffle at UFGT8. Unfortunately, his is for PS3, which he doesn’t have.
75 +Shipping (from Indiana) or best offer. Right now they’re going for 99 on Amazon, and as I far as I could find that was the best deal. Stick has been taken out of the box, but that’s really it.
Also might be interested in a trade for a 360 stick of some kind.

Dude i have a converter that will allow u to ise it on xbox. Dont get rid
Of it. Just pm me

He’s not into using a converter since they’re known to drop a lot more often than not. Looking more for straight 360 or to sell. Thank you for the offer though.

I’m interested.

How much is the total with shipping included

I’m in Miami this week, you could send it as soon as possible?


I’m guessing no more than 85. PM your info if youre still interested and I’ll ship Monday