Sega Saturn to Cab , trying to locate PS1 to Saturn Converter

hi scene , i am thinking of getting a Sega Saturn and hooking it up to my Cab…one problem im having atm is how to do the Controls , either i use a PS1 to Saturn Converter or Padhack an Official Saturn Controller.

I prefer a PS1 to Saturn Converter , are there any out there and instock ? all i have found atm are out of stock.

any info helps


or your make your own saturn pcb using two saturn extension cables (ebay for cheap) and a couple of very inexpensive chips.

I think ToToTek might have another answer, too…

Is it just me, or did they change their PS1/PS2 to Saturn joypad converters???

I’ve got two copies of an earlier model that only supports SIX buttons. (Good enough for fighting games, anyway. I don’t look cheap gifthorses in the mouth!)

Apparently, this new converter supports ALL EIGHT PS pad buttons!

At least you won’t have to switch QD wires like I did with two of my buttons on one PS2 joystick!

The other difference I noted was a purple case. The converter I have has a blue case.

MojoChan – another SRK member – also has PS-to-Saturn pad converters for sale, too, I think.

thanks Toodles and GeorgeC great responses by both , i didnt expect to get any ideas but this is sensational

im going to mull over the info for a bit before proceeding

thanks again to both of you


Just a heads up, I ordered the ToToTek converter last month and well they certainly work well for shoot-em-ups and beat-em-ups, but for fighters, you could run into problems (Mainly default layouts on most sticks)

Reason being is that the button layout for the converter when used with a PSX controller is:
/\ R1 L1
|_| X O

The fighting games I’ve tested (X-Men vs SF, MSHvsCAP, Groove on Fight) do not allow you to assign L(R2 on PSX pad with the converter) or R(L2 on PSX with the converter) on a Saturn pad as Punch/Kick action

However, should you create a dedicated button layout for this cab, you should be fine :tup:

thanks for the tips 5tranger i was wondering a bit about the button layout , but by what you have said i should be ok as i have a PS1 Digital Controller wired for /\ R1 L1 |_| X O

If you do go down the padhack route you can use the madcatz saturn pads, its cheaper than the official ones and has nice big areas to solder to, even I didn’t mess it up!

Looks like:

hehehehe thanks for that info smiler great pic too…

thanks again for your input