Sega Saturn help

I went to play Donpachi on my Saturn a while ago, and when I turn it on, a screen comes up with the Saturn logo, then the System Settings screen with clock, language, memory manager, and other settings options comes up. I exit this menu, and it goes right back to the screen with the Saturn logo and then to the system settings screen again.

I took out the Action Replay cartridge and tried a US game(Darius Gaiden), same thing. Tried it with no disc in, same thing.

Any ideas?


Also, I had to constantly reset the date and time every time I want to turn it on.

That sounds alot worse than a dead battery… Open up the little back door and check to see if it leaked? Some random thoughts…if you have more than one controller plugged in, use one or the other?

Did the games work before or is this the first time you tried making them work?

No, the games worked before. I was playing Donpachi a few hours before this problem appeared.

Only one controller was plugged in. I tried a different battery. No dice.


Now this is some fucked up shit.

It starts up fine with no controllers plugged in, so I have to let the game boot and then plug the controller in.

Somewhat annoying, but I suppose I can live with it.

Edit #2

Found the problem.

The A button is sticking on one of the controllers, which explains why it keeps going to that screen and why my main shot keeps firing in Donpachi without me pressing it. Switching to another controller fixed everything.

Sorry but I gotta lol @ that.

Glad you figured it out though