See MLG results here -- So you don't have to watch it

UPDATED w/ final results:

the mlg stream will attempt to auto start so be prepared.

I’ll update this after it’s over tomorrow w/ the rest of the results from grand finals for the various games. This link shows the current results and not all games have finished playing.

NOTE: I DID NOT WATCH OR SUPPORT THE STREAM IN ANY WAY. But I was curious to see who won and how Justin and Perfect Legend did.

  • also beware that the MLG stream may auto start on you so be prepared to shut it down. It happened to me.

Speaking of Justin… wow, he lost in every game… He’s out. Makes you wonder if he is regretting his decision not to come to NCR (which was fucking amazing --did you guys catch floe’s Jin? jesus.) Most of us will never know the real reason Justin went to MLG instead of NCR…

  • Was it the possible money MLG was offering for the games?
  • Was it pressure from the his sponsor, EG?
  • Or did he really just want to check out MLG?
    I don’t know, but the fact that he is out of the tournament in all the games there comes as kind of a surprise to me.

I personally wish he would have come to NCR, I don’t play marvel because it makes me way too fucking angry, but I love watching it and seeing Justin play. Too bad. Hope he doesn’t do this again.

well he did place top 8 @ KOF so maybe it could of been worth it.

and is there any reason you had to note that you didn’t watch and support MLG, do you get some kind of SRK street cred for it?

If only SRK had a forum for tournament results.

We don’t need more MLG spam in fighting game discussion.

no, just #fuckMLG

Well, shit, my bad. If a mod could move it that’d be appreciated. I’ll make sure to search for more appropriate places in the future.

Trouble Brewing is right, but just wondering, do people still actually post results in that forum? I stopped using it a while back when I realized its 99% shoutout threads and the results usually don’t get posted there until like 3 days after the event.

updated 1st post w/ final results.

link to the stream/utube vids?