Second coming for Madcatz TE:S sticks at Gameshark store?

They seem to be in stock now.

And i just bought one with that lovely discount… but fuck Cali taxes damnit

I think they just removed the Dads and Grads discount. It was working earlier this morning…

Nah its still there. $30 discount.


Only works on the black stick not the white one, it’s a mistake in their system

Edit: Looks like they have fixed the mistake, at least checking right now

I really like the art on this stick straight out of the box. Especially the black one, which I had until the art started blistering away from the plexi, so I replaced it. I’ve seen this happen a lot with these sticks, and hope that problem is corrected because they look so good.

I’m tempted to order another one at some point. If the Qanba’s aren’t restocked at places within a couple months I will probably pull the trigger.

the code isn’t working for me I’m trying to order 2 of them 1 white and 1 black, but only have $294 in Paypal, without the discount total shipped price is $307.48, was wondering if anyone has order any stick and successfully used the code?

Pretty sure they purposely did it that way. It was working yesterday morning until they took down the dadgrad20 code from the product page of the TE-S later that day.

I have been trying to get TE-S for awhile now but the prices on ebay or amazon are riddiculous, guess I’m going to wait for the QANBA’S when they become available, has MarkMan said anything about the code not working? because it seems that the code is working for PS3 sticks only.

MadCatzInc tweeted yesterday that the store is excluding xbox360 TE-S from promo due to low inventory.

low inventory that is some bullshit, I mean they came out yesterday, I know there was some anticipation you know people wanting those sticks, but come on low inventory, its not like a totally brand new design.
I think these have been selling nice and they decided that maybe customers will still buy them at full retail without the discount

lmao, that sucks. Should of done it earlier. That’s weird though that i was able to use the coupon code yesterday…

The sticks were sold out for a long time, there is a high demand; the front page of the site even says code doesnt work for TE-S xbox 360 sticks

any news when will the black te-s ps3 version be available? The store says coming soon but ive been waiting for months sob T.T Im new here pls be gentle :smiley:

Sorry, there are no plans to restock the Super Street Fighter IV TE ‘S’ FightSticks at this time.

:frowning: oh too bad… Hope the stores will restock soon, help us markman, we need your te-s fightsticks T.T