Seattle's 3S Chun-Li Glitch video

Earlier I’d said I’d try to get a video of this, and thanks to Preppy I did, although it’s shitty quality because holding a cam and using the stick at the same time sucks.

Anyways, the vid shows the glitch twice. Player 1 Chun-Li does SAII, and Player 2 takes the normal damage.

Here’s the glitch, for those that haven’t heard of it. If Chun-Li does SAII, and you were to block or parry everything but the final hit, you take full SAII damage, maybe even a little more.
Thanks to Xenozip for the hosting.

Edit: It’s not like this on the PS2 or DC versions. I hear our machine is a beta. Other people have mentioned that Q’s taunt on our machine does not giving him a defensive bonus.


That would suck in a tournament.

finally … i’m seeing this …

watching clip

comments : woow cool !

Very cool. Q better not mess up on the parry or it might hurt a whole lot more. :clap:

I figured that just happened because the damage on each hit of the super gradually increased to counter the damage scaling. If it doesn’t work on the console versions, I guess not.

We have that version of the machine in the local arcades here and it’s dangerous if you messed up with the parry :lame:

Wtf man, did p1’s life come back, not to mention the ungodly damage off the last kick.

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I think it does more damage than the normal SA2 is because she also still takes the chip damage. So full SA2 damage + chipping = ghey.

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Thanks for the vid!

Very interesting, never knew about it.

Lol, that finger, too funny.

i think he means it’s not a simple “hey, look at that” finger.
and i would have to agree.

No, the vid shows it happening twice, the 2nd time is in the 2nd round. I’d filmed it twice to try and get a better view of the life bars. Sadly then I had to move the camera to let the guy get to the other side of the cabinet. And it’s not my finger.

That’s exactly what it is.


That’s fucked up. First the Yang SA and now this. Thank god for console. :tup:

This is not a glitch. This is called ‘damage scaling.’ It is part of the game engine, and you can reproduce this with other characters.

From gamefaqs:

Basically, that last hit is supposed to do a massive amount of damage, but doesn’t do that much damage in the combo because of damage scaling. If you block the entire combo, and only allow the last hit to connect, it isn’t damage scaled.

I’m aware of what damage scaling is. Try it at your arcade, since I don’t believe it’s in all the versions, or on the console versions. Normally, taking the damage of the entire super in one hit doesn’t happen.

On the console versions, the entire SAII super performed against Chun-Li does 56 damage, or 30 if you only block everything but that last hit. The vid shows the player that blocked taking the chip damage, plus the damage of the entire super.