Sanwa/Seimitsu love child?

jus messing with various parts…

jlw w/ ls32 microswitches


hows it feel? looks sexy.

it actually feels really smooth… might give this a go on my next project

Would you happen to have cherry switches with actuators from a Happs Super? I kind of wanna try a JLW with cherry switches.

funny you say that, I jus happen to have a jlw w/cherrys lol

I just cherry modded my JLW. I have to say, I like them better than the Sanwa switches even though they’re like 30 years old. literally.

Looks cool. Be interesting to hear how it plays.

Nice, how’s the fit? Actuators not too long/short for it? I had a JLW-UM-8 that felt pretty good even though I didn’t get a chance to actually play on it, but the build quality was top notch. It’s not a stick I’d wanna use personally cause they become too expensive to maintain, the only place that sells replacement Sanwa switches in the US is LL at $2.50 a pop plus shipping. Cherries with actuators on the other hand can be bought for $.85 ea. plus shipping from Rollie.

Right now I’m using a stock Hori, but I bought a Madcatz SE stock stick that I plan on modding with D44 cherries, and probably adding a second spring to. I’m really interested in Frankensteining sticks to find the best bang for your buck.

A JLF at $25 doesn’t seem to have too high of an entry cost, but when you account for TP-MA’s being $13 it can really add up over time. Shit, most people would probably just replace the whole stick rather than the PCB.

When you think about it though, one stick can probably last you a lifetime, all you really need to swap are the switches and the spring, like an oil change. Maybe the actuator since it’s made of plastic, but I think it’d take a guy with fuckin robot arms years to wear that thing down. The actuator on the JLW’s are actually aluminum though aren’t they? Or some type of metal it looks like.

– Er, nvm. It’s not the actuator that’s metal on the JLW’s, but the pivot bushing is what I was thinking of. Things look like they’re built to last. I actually just sold my JLW-U though… now I kind of wanna get another one to see how it feels with cherries inside it lol.

Thanks for the pic. GT-O’d too. Is the engage actually shortened with cherry switches in there? Looks like it might be.

I really wanna try it out now, but I sold my JLW cause I didn’t have a place to mount it. It’d be way too short in my stick because of the bracket.

here’s my love child. born out of boredom and a little necessity

as you can see - these little circle tabs allow for perfect alignment. the hole i drilled was a bit bigger to ensure i could get the screw in place with no problems…

how’s your jlw playing for you?