Sacred cows that keep the game from going forward

Or used as a punish.

Usually, at mid to high level, it’s pretty rare to use raw Ultra as anything but punish or combo. If you got crazy reactions or make an excellent read, you deserve to stop a normal/special with a well placed Ultra.

Now, imagine Ultras with no special animations at the start, how broken would that be? Honda’s U1 will be very good to throw out randomly

…those cows are sacred for a reason buddy!

It sounds like you just don’t like Street Fighter. So, yeah, go play a different game.

Stop doing raw Ultra.

If they’re blocking, then throw them.

Saw El Fuerte in the text and thought “fuck this”.

You remind me of a friend of mine who would refuse to throw fireballs with Sakura because he stubbornly saw them as “cheap” and considered it unfair that the whole cast did not have a projectile. He also didnt win very often and eventually stopped playing completely…

Damn sacred cows keepin people out! I mean come on Capcom, when we asked for diversity/balance we didn’t mean like this!

While we’re at it, lets make the pause button tournament legal, ban fireballs (unless both characters have em), and it’s an instant disqualification from any tournament if you keep throwing your opponent (especially when they’re in the corner).


Pause should only be tournament legal if it results in the match being settled IRL.

It makes sense though. If a person is new to the game, it really does seem unfair why some characters can shoot at you from across the screen, while others have to walk over to you. The problem here is not the player, it is how the player is being introduced to the game, it’s a methodological problem.

To elaborate: If you put shooting vs. punching into a real life setting, then the guy with a projectile weapon has a clear advantage over the guy with his bare fists, at least in most cases. However, both Street Fighter and most community members fail to teach new players that in Capcom’s make-believe world, being able to shoot does not give you the upper hand over other characters. Street Fighter, though improving on its teaching methods, still lacks basic understanding of cognitive processes, like how humans learn, or how humans are likely to associate certain game elements and their fairness/usability to their own personal real life experiences. The ideal approach to a fighting game should be that all characters balance each other out, but nowhere in the manual, or most tutorials I’ve seen, or even discussion boards is this essential element stated out loud. So how is anyone who just looks at the game supposed to know about balancing?

On another note, if my friend insisted on not throwing fireballs if the other player’s character doesn’t have them, then I’d play along and not throw them either when playing against him. After all, its my friend.

Thats all fine and good, yes tutorials suck but thats part of what’s created our community at large, interaction and the communication of information. we did attempt to teach him the advantages to fireballs (screen control, zoning) as well as their disadvantages (can be easy to read, non-fireball character-specific options, jump ins, FA, etc). Theres a distinct difference between knowing the reason for a fireball and defiantly choosing to never use one. If your character has a unique tool, use it if it’s viable, dont inhibit yourself because of your personal “principles” on fairness.

Who in their right mind would choose not to use an SRK as an AA (UNLESS they have some other better AA that leads to higher damage/better situation) just because of it’s invicibility frames? Not a pro, not an average player, not someone who desires to win, no one (perhaps OP, but I digress). If you dont like a character’s tools because you view them as too powerful or whatnot, choose a different character.

Also FYI, he and I are still great friends, and he would definitely have been offended if I would’ve played a fireball character and handicapped myself just to play to his version of street fighter.

In other words,

“I’ve hit a wall in my gameplay and I can’t get any better. It must be the system’s fault”.