Reversal SA2...why don't I see it?

i use this scarcely, but it brings me out of tough situtations. akuma was str8 rushing me down, then i reversal SA2’d my way out of an air fireball and it caught him while he was on the ground and did the whole combo, meaning he went through the fireball too. i was in the corner, so that put him there after, then the rape began.

also i find this useful vs makoto, well actually vs any rush character. vs yun and yang, it knocks them out of the air if they dive kick you, and i like to partition a s.mkxxhk stomp to cross up.

another thing is, i know it has to have some invincibility frames, since it went through a fireball, but i have NEVER been stuffed at the startup of this move. like chun’s b+hp would perfectly be placed, and the first hit of this super still hits chun punishes.

Does this need a whole topic?

SA2 is invincible until about the end of the 1st swing. I wouldn’t suggest using SA2 as a means of getting people of you. Especially against the twins–since you have other options against dive kick patterns.

Shit like MP, jump up(or away) RH, or jump with them then dive if you’re gangsta enough.

dunno i never seen any type of use of reversal sa2 in threads or in any of the other threads. the complete alex thread looked dead :sad:

yea but one time someone landed right behind me and it went the other way and connected the whole super. another time was when someone (i guess) timed a whiff lk divekick wrong and i got to combo the whole thing then too.

Reversal SA2…well, Sanchez put it nicely…if there are other options, I’d rather use those…same purpose and it saves meter, which Alex needs.

what are these other options you speak of?

what do i do with mixup dive kicks to save my meter?

akuma air fireball? i like punishing with it, good rewards, but what about saving the meter?

vs makoto? im not that good of a guess parry-er

I don’t see what’s wrong with using the meter as long as it doesn’t knock them out of the air, because if you manage to land it, then you’re using the meter wisely not wasting it.

You can do a lot of stupid shit with alex’s super.

it beats out EX fireball super from kens trying to chip you. If Ryu is close when activating denjin in the corner you can super and it’ll go right through you and you connect. I dunno fuck everyone that plays this shitty game.

I’ve also noticed that if you grab Ryu with the b + hp right when he’s activating denjin, you won’t be hit by it (it worked on the one hit Denjin, not sure about the fully charged one).

As long as you grab him before the fireball releases(or hits you) you can stuff Denjin, or any fireball super, with a headbutt.

An interesting thing to note is the recovery Denjin has–At close range you can retaliate against any Denjin set up that doesn’t stun you. Headbutt is usually the easiest option.

I wasn’t sure if the headbutt would stuff a fully charged Denjin, but thanks for the info. I know when I pulled that off the other day I was somewhat shocked that the Denjin didn’t manage to hit.

sa2 reversals can be suicidal , imagine u use that sa2 reversal after blocking on ken’s c.forward from far range .

i meant on wakeup

lol who the hell would do that =/ its not a shippu