Replacement TE storage doors?

So the clip for the storage door on my TE broke tonight. I was wondering if you are able to get replacement doors? If not, do people do something else when this happens?

Some people just go with out.
You can do is call Mad Catz and ask if they will send you the part.
Apparently Mad Catz been pretty good about sending customers spare parts.

Remember, Call do not email Mad Catz, explain what you want and they might work with you.

Good to know. Thanks!

This happened to me too and I wanted to know where I can get a spare part.

Here’s the info:

**Technical Support - USA **
Tech Phone: 1-619-683-2815
Toll Free (USA): 1-800-659-2287
Support Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 12p & 1pm - 4pm (PST)
Closed Saturday, Sunday and most major US holidays

As previously stated, give madcatz a call, I called them up today about my chun-li door and they mailed it out to me free of charge on the spot. Madcatz has excellent customer service.

Thank you Guys I Had This Problem For A Min With My TE S

i need a new tray and door as well… for my chun stick…

mine broke in half, I just taped it back together lol

Where Is The Product Number Located Or Where Is It??