Removing TE side panels/using as storage, and alternate TE control panel Q's

I’ve searched quite a bit and can’t really find a thread that answers this: how would I remove the side panels on the TE? Are they hollow inside? I am going to dual mod with a Neutrik and was thinking it’d be a fantastic place for storing console cables.

Also, while I’m here, how might I go about getting an alternate metal panel for the top that has a straight eight button layout (akin to old American SF2 cabs)? Are there blueprints for the TE lying around that I could modify to this layout and take to a machine shop?

Its been posted here before just dont remember where… heres a pdf for it tho

as for the metal plate I have seen people order the style and mod the origional faceplate to match it.

Removing the side panels you have to completely disassemble your arcade stick. The sides are not completely hollow, there is a plastic wall on the inside where the screws go into.

It might be more economical to replace the top with a 1/8 acrylic panel. And use the “Panel Builder” option.
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Damn, it looks like I wont be using those side panels for much. I’ll look into the acrylic option, though. I’d like a case with a handle on it, too…at this point, I may as well just get a custom case made.

Case with a handle? You should use an old suitcase! I almost grabbed one at goodwill for $6. But I didn’t know the lock combination. It was a sad day :sad: