Raweriio's FS/FT thread-Waste of flesh t-shirt,PSP bundle,EVO sack and more

I have a couple of things for sale.

First I have an MVC2 TE for the 360. It is barely used as I only opened it once to check all the buttons and such. Comes with the original box.

$110 shipped. Payment recieved. Soon to be shipped.



I also have a psp that comes with the charger, a hard plastic case, god of war chains of Olympus, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, NFL street 3 and a 1gb memory card.

$110 shipped.


A bunch of games that include

Star Ocean Last Hope International- $20 shipped
Fallout 3 GOTY edition- $22 shipped
Falout New Vegas(comes with unused mercenary dlc code)- $32 shipped
Blazblue Calamity trigger- $10 shipped


Tekken 6 artbook- $10 shipped.

Super Street fighter 4 guide-$6 shipped


EVO Stick Sack- $22 shipped.

MVC3 T-shirt 22 shipped.


I would rather get $ via paypal but I may also be open to trades.


backed out mvc2 TE still for sale.

guilty gear and eternal sonata pending payment.

Guilty Gear and Eternal Sonata sold. Will be mailing them out shortly.

MVC3 Sold.

Added MVC3 t-shirt(Large) and pictures of the shirt and the evo stick sack.

I’m interested in the MvC2 TE. please PM me if both buyers back out!

PM’d about Sonic’s Genesis Collection.

replied to pm and shipped eternal sonata/guilty gear.

Is the EVO stick sack still available?

MVC2 TE is sold as well as sonics genesis collection and yes the stick sack is still available.

sweet deals


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