Racist woman on tram



[media=youtube]i47HoiM0Au8[/media] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-15923875 The guy at around 1 mins looked like he was going to murder her.

She had to be under the influence of something or have a mental condition of some sort. A quote-unquote normal person doesn’t randomly just act like that, especially with a kid on their lap.

Keep it classy, Britain.

She is actually a regular british woman.



Nothing special actually pretty classic on the NYC Subway. The best rendition imo.

Would you have made the same statement if it was a man in the same position as that woman? What if it was an over weight woman in a stained t-shirt and a NASCAR ball cap?

I’m not trying to call you out but I find it interesting that the first reply to this post is trying to rationalize her actions.

That black dude should have done the whole train a favor and slapped her upside her head.

jk but seriously, how are there still people with that level of ignorance? Oh wait, that’s the same way conservatives think of illegals here in the US. When are people going to realize that we’re all humans and we’re all connected? The color of your skin, or nationality (lines in the ground) don’t change that.

As progressive as I try to be at times, fuck public transport. I am at peace in my car…as long as I am not behind an elderly person.

How is anyone still surprised people like this still exist? Seriously, is anyone surprised at all?


Mr Cole, is that your daughter?

Someone should have asked her if she wanted to take the stairs or the elevator.

I ask myself the same question, it’s like people’s minds are stuck in prehistoric times

People actually get arrested for this in the UK?

I’ve seen worse than this. Not saying it’s right, but being able to say what you want is a pretty nice right to have. If anything she should get disturbing the peace or enticing riot or disorderly conduct. Just being a racist should never be illegal.

When people here talk about the Klan being out on the corner getting donations, I always tell them ‘you have the exact same right to be out there as they do. Go and use it.’ Not saying that it’s right, but that’s how it is in the states.

She was arrested for opening her mouth. That’s fucking insane, in and of itself. What would’ve happened to him if he intervened?

Just being racist isn’t illegal. As you said she will probably get charged for disturbing the peace and enticing hatred.

People like that are just looking for attention. just ignore’em and keep it moving I always say.

on the one hand it’s fucked up that she got arrested for it

on the other hand, riding public transit all the time, i’d be tickled to death if people who make a big scene or get loud as fuck were punished somehow. shit is annoying as hell. you have a basically captive audience that has no choice but to listen to your garbage. i’m just trying to get to work here, save your bs for youtube comments

Just more bs to incite the masses and keep them ignorant of what’s really going on.

1 of many reasons why I continue to stay away from living in a city and the use of mass transit. Concrete jungle.