R.MIKA Matchup Thread

Ya, I just had a long set against a Mika player. I essentially didn’t Moonsault at all during it.

I got thrown out of both my v-reversal and v-trigger when I tried to get out of her v-trigger mixup on 2 separate occasions, so that doesn’t work if the Mika player times it correctly. I was able to v-trigger out once though.

It’s like, even when I knew exactly what was going to happen, I was screwed most of the time anyway. Blocking a jump-in isn’t good enough because it puts u right in the middle of a 50/50. The amount I can punish her jump in just isn’t enough to deter her from going jump-in crazy. In the corner mixup if I guessed right I could v-reversal away, but even then I got grabbed out on occasion when i initiated the v-reversal off of a meaty jab.

The best success I had was when I dashed around like a madman and went throw-crazy, doing absolutely everything in my power to avoid the Irish whip, jump-ins, and the corner.

I think I just need to see some better Nash players fight Mika.

V-Reversal won’t get you out of her unblockables because she uses resets or late wakeup, not blockstun, to set them up. V-Trigger might get you out, though Mika could easily not go for the “unblockable” command grab and punish you.

Zoning should be your default gameplan against Mika, but if you score a knockdown, don’t hesitate to rush her down. Mika’s defense is not the best. Her AA is vulnerable to crossups (she can only use cr.HP to roll under or an early air-to-air), EX Shooting Peach only has armor from the third frame of startup and loses to throws, and EX Wingless Airplane doesn’t have full startup invincibility so she can’t escape meaties with it.

Watch how Infiltration plays against Nando in Final Round. His ability to shift gears from defense to offense is unparalleled and he stays unpredictable, even on defense, by switching back and forth between throwing Sonic Books from long range and harassing with long pokes and MK Sonic Scythe at medium range.

Fuck me this matchup is ridiculous

Can we punish the rolling low elbow attack?

Do you mean cr.Fierce? It’s completely dependent on spacing but at close range she’s -4 which can be punished with cr/s.Jab xx Short Sonic Scythe. At max range she’s +1 but given the dynamic movement of a match it’s pretty hard to nail that spacing consistently. Anything outside of max range, slightly max range, or V-Trigger cancel she forfeits all pressure and has to go on the defensive. There’s a good video that goes over the ranges of cr.Fierce.


She is so ridiculously OP. Like El Fuerte all over again but the risk/reward is so far skewed in her favour.

damn you mika…i need to find a eu trainingspartner to loose the fear of that chick which leads to me let hear doing what she want -.-

Try looking on the Mika discord channel, you should find someone there.

i’m dying to this bitch. when it’s a novice player i can just footsie and AA her but when it’s a good player, they know their spacing. this bitch jumps all day and you have to guess way too much on which anti-air to use or if air to air is possible. i’ve read Killey’s post and that seems good but now that there are season 2 changes, has that changed anything much in this match up?