Question regarding PS360+ on 6 button layout with Dreamcast

So, I’m rewiring my candy cab, which has a 2 player, 6 button layout, to use a PS360+ for hooking up to PC, Xbox, PS3, and Dreamcast. I am using AMP connectors in the control panel, so that I can easily go back and forth from PCBs, and PC and consoles. After looking at the manual, it looks like Dreamcast mode uses P1, P2, P3, P4, K1, K2, and Start. Is there a way to force Dreamcast mode to use P1, P2, P3, K1, K2, K3, and Start? That seems like a more logical input mode than the one in the manual. Anyone out there done this?

Have you tested to see if that mapping is accurate for dc mode? I think that may be a typo in the manual.

Not yet, I’m still in the design phase. I wanted to confirm it will work with a 6 button layout for DC before I bought it. I’m torn between doing this with a PS360+ and MC Cthulhu. I do want to use it for games on my 360, so that’s why I leaned to the PS360+. I guess I can order one and try it out, but I wanted to see if anyone could answer the question before I bought it.

I’ll test it out if no one else beats me to it.

Thanks dude! That would be most appreciated!

Okay I tried out with my Injustice Stick modded with a PS360+

The Layout

Street Fighter
P1 P2 P3 P4
K1 K2 K3 K4

Sq Tr R1 L1
X Cr R2 L2

XBox 360

Dreamcast (Last 2 buttons not used)
X Y Z *
A B C *


Nobody’s third party multi-console PCB supports more than 6 buttons for Saturn and Dreamcast at this point in time. (Speaking from the POV of someone who has and uses the MC Cthulu on the last two Sega consoles…)
It sort of defeats using the arcade sticks for anything but fighters on those systems.
If you want full compatibility – assuming you still have working systems --, you’re stuck with using the original SEGA controller PCB’s.

Of course, there are PC emulators for both systems but neither works 100% and you need a fast PC to get close to 100 % speed on both. It’s a miracle at this point in time that we even have working Saturn emulators let alone getting close to full speed on the Dreamcast emulators.

The DC only has 6 buttons, I just used the stick labeling my agetech has as I got no idea which button fills in as L and R
And there is 8 button Sega Saturn sticks.

Thanks! So I guess the manual has it wrong, it has it listed as:

B C * *

The one you posted is the exact layout I want, so I guess I will go ahead and put in my order. :slight_smile:

OK, so I have everything installed, and every button works perfect, except for start. I have triple checked my wiring, but when a game comes up and asks me to press start to confirm that I dont need to use my VMU, nothing happens. I know there isn’t much you can help me with, with such limited info, but has anyone had any specific issues with “start” on a dreamcast on their PS360? I just need to know if there is some sort of button mapping thing that I’m not aware of. Thanks

I had no issues with my PS360+ on my DC.

Nevermind, I found it. It was indeed a wiring issue. Derp.