Question on stick looseness

I started playing on Seimitsu LS 32 01 sticks a few months ago. One stick in particular has seen heavy use in that time and is very loose. To the point where it makes some execution stuff really react differently versus other Seimitsus we have.

So my questions:

Is this pretty much standard? Your sticks will loosen up over time and eventually get to the point where they aren’t really useable?
Once your stick reaches this point, do you just need to buy a new one, or are there other easier options? I assume the spring is what has actually loosened up. Can I just switch out a spring and it’ll act like brand new?

Mechanical parts of course get wearout over time, you cant prevent that. I think you dont need to buy a whole new stick, try a new spring + a new recstrictor gate! (this thing deforms with use) + maybe some grease, I was told that the standard lipstick grease works nicely, but havent tested it lol.

never had anything loosen up til where it was useless. Maybe you just need to adjust to both conditions (old/new).

Everything mechanical including Joysticks are going to get wear and tear and this is normal. Springs loose some of their elasticity, gates grind down and become more round or they crack, textured surfaces become smooth and so on.

Yes you can always swap out the spring. This is the most common maintenance there is for a joystick, followed by replacing switches and cleaning and relubing a stick.

"Your sticks will loosen up over time and eventually get to the point where they aren’t really useable?"
This will happen eventually, but this is a VERY long process. There are Joysticks from late 70’s early 80’s arcade cabinets who had heavy use everyday and are still working with proper care and maintenance.
Some of the old Wico Joysticks are no longer usable because they rubber grommet use for centering broke or crack and the part is long since been discontinued. On the other hand old Nintendo Cab joysticks are still working provided you do not mind swapping springs and micro-switches and adding some lube.

With proper maintenance a Seimitsu or Sanwa Joystick will last 20+ years.

This does apply to every stick (EVER). A brand new stick is not going to feel like a 2 year old stick or a 10 year old stick.

Thanks guys. I’ll switch out the spring and also keep in mind that you just have to adjust to worn in sticks as well. I assume at any arcade they’re probably not having new sticks in place all the time.

Some execution stuff is a lot harder on the old worn in stick. Not really complex stuff either. Something simple like 3s Ken’s stand strong into SA3 link, 100% on all other sticks I own but like 50% on this one. I can’t explain it or exactly what I’m doing wrong. but every direction seems to work fine so I don’t think there’s necessarily anything mechanically wrong with the stick. maybe just need to figure out how I adjust my motion for this stick.